Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Identifying DAFs in the Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 Photo

Who's Who in this photograph.

Standing from left to right:

Mattel Barbie for President 2004
Hasbro G.I. Joe
Get Set Club Isabella
Mattel Generation Girl Ana
Mattel Rebelde Giovanni Méndez
Mattel Rebelde Diego Bustamante
Mattel Rebelde Mía Colucci
Mattel Rebelde Miguel Arango
Hot Toys Bronze TrueType Figures
M&C Toys Power Team World Peacekeepers*

Kneeling or sitting from left to right:

Lanard I-Girl Rio
Mattel Tango Barbie
Mattel Tango Ken
Get Real Girl Gabi

*M&C Toys do not label the race or the ethnicity of their action figures. I thought this particular Power Team member looked as if he could be black Hispanic. So I placed him in the group.


Double Dutch Dolls said...

Hello- Have you ever heard of Double Dutch Dolls? It's a new line of multicultural fashion dolls and books. The website is www.doubledutchdolls.com.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: great identification. You have an awesome collection of dolls. Keep in touch

Male Doll World said...

Great collection of Hispanic Dolls

D7ana said...

Hi Double Dutch Dolls, Marta, and Male Doll World!

@Double Dutch Dolls - yes, I have heard of the Double Dutch Dolls. They are larger than I collect, but they are lovely dolls. Thanks for asking.

@Marta - glad to share the identities and the photos.

@Male Doll World - thanks. I admire your collection of Hispanic dolls, also ;-)

Smaller Places said...

Very fun! I did not know about the Mattel Rebeldes at all.

Asterisked dude does indeed look Black-Hispanic. He also looks vaguely like Alfonso Ribeiro (the actual one, who wowed everybody on Dancing with the Stars this past week), which I consider to be a compliment.

Anonymous said...

A great bunch, I'm glad you revealed their identity. I love the Tango Ken too!

jSarie said...

A great-looking group you have there.

I'm glad you identified them - I only recognized two of them originally! I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening reading about the Rebelde Barbies - they're totally new to me!

Jewell said...

The Mattel rebelde dolls are new to me, too. Nice collection!

D7ana said...

Hi Smaller Places, Night Owl, jSarie, and Jewell!

I have to do an update post pulling together all my Rebelde notes.

@Smaller Places - oh, yes, that Power Team guy does resemble Alfonso Ribeiro. I have to click on that link that shows the actor dancing: I don't watch "Dancing with the Stars" usually ;-)

@Night Owl - I'm pleased to have them ;-) Especially Tango Ken.

@jSarie - the group bowed to acknowledge the compliment. Hope you were able to find good information and photos for the Rebelde Barbies. They're cool dolls ;-)

@Jewell - glad to share the Mattel Rebelde dolls with you. Glad you like the collection, too ;-)