Monday, September 15, 2014

Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th - October 15th

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, some of the Hispanic dolls and action figures posed for this photo. The plan was for everyone to wear something red, but as happens with the best of plans, everyone does not always follow through. Can you recognize the renegade who wore purple? I won't name names, but I'll leave that to you. Some of these have appeared in other years' heritage photos. Some may not have. There are - of course - more Hispanic dolls chez moi, but these were closest at hand and wearing red. Sigh. Mostly.

I will be posting a "master list" and featuring individual Hispanic dolls throughout this period. So Mixis Rosa, Mattel Teresa, and Integrity Alysa WILL have individual posts. And a post with links to other collectors' Hispanic dolls and/or action figures as well as a Wish List of Hispanic dolls and action figures I would someday like to own.

Anyone celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month or planning tribute posts? Please share the links in your comments.


Vanessa said...

Yay, I can post a comment from Bloglovin! Anyway, I couldn't see anyone else in the picture once my eyes spotted Tango Ken (I think he's from the Tango set). Be still my heart.

Anonymous said...

Great picture! I like the two guys on the right, but don't know any doll by name :-)

Smaller Places said...

I am squeeing at the existence of a post on Hispanic dolls.

I'm also blearily looking up local events to take Elena Rodriguez (and possibly Rebecca Chavez, though she identifies more as Native American, but Elena likes having company) to, as despite being in Arizona and interested in this sort of thing, I did not actually know about it because idontevenknowoblivious.

Not yet experienced enough to ID anybody in your photo, which means I will enjoy whatever you tell us mightily.

Smaller Places said...

Update: Elena is taking Hayden to the library tonight to check out the exhibits. Hayden likes art and literature, so it's a good starting point for her to learn about Latino culture.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I was planning any posts, although I do own many Teresas, including one representing Mexico. Just wanted to say not to forget Selena Gomez dolls in your master list, if you didn't have her in there already.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Was NOT planning any posts. Darn my fuzzy brain lately!

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa, Night Owl, and Smaller Places!

@Vanessa - THANKS for telling me about the Bloglovin problem. I just needed to complete my account with them - add their button to my blog. Before, I just got e-mail notices of blogs I connect with through them. Glad it has eased your comment-making ;-)

Yes, that hubba hunk is Tango Ken. The foxy dude in the red shirt. (That's his sister Barbie in the red dress and black fishnet stockings.) He is one of the top 5 most sexy Kens around.

@Night Owl - oh, goodie! I worry that people think, dang, she's trotting out that same old stuff. Whew. I have someone to introduce them to.

The two guys on the right are:
Mr. Red Plaid shirt = Hot Toys True Type Hispanic action figure


Mr. Red T-Shirt and Olive pants = Power Team action figure.

@Smaller Places - oh goodie again. Hope you enjoy the post with links to other Hispanic doll sites. That is a pity about young Elena Rodriguez; Ms. Chavez has received recognition from Utah Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute, 1991-92: she might consider herself as being both Native American AND Hispanic. The former would be a racial category; the latter, an ethnicity.

I was a census enumerator once; I will always remember that ethnicity is not race and race is not ethnicity. We had to track both for each person ;-)

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius! Oh, yes. Two for Selena Gomez - the Disney V.I.P. doll AND the Wizards of Waverly Place doll ;-)

Blowing on my index finger. Ha ha, feeling on point this morning ;-)

BTW, Barb, you can share your Teresas w/o the Hispanic Heritage banner. Or with it. I LOVE to see playscale dolls ;-) Always up for that.

D7ana said...

Hi Smaller Places!

Oy, tripped myself up thinking I am being sooo clever. Pardon the intrusion of real life stuff in our cozy doll zone.

You MEANT your dolls, Elena and Hayden. Hand to forehead. Boing.

Sometimes, I am not so very clever. Sometimes? Okay, let's be kind ;-)

The grandmommy said...

I am looking forward to the list. Some of my grandchildren have Hispanic roots.

Smaller Places said...

@D7ana -- It's entirely my fault for giving the gals names that were meant to be representative (and so, quite common) and then not specifying what I was talking about (because still early in the coffee-intake-process).

Cindi Mortensen said...

Be still my heart! You got some gorgeous hunks there. Where can I get the guy in red with black pants sitting on the right side of the photo? LOL :-)

D7ana said...

Hi The grandmommy, Smaller Places, and Cindi Mortensen!

@The grandmommy - great! I love to share useful news. The kind of stock that is evergreen throughout the year.

@Smaller Places - no fault at all. Kinda funny this being National Hispanic Heritage Month and me actually learning something about flesh-n-blood people, lol. Current events.

@Cindi Mortensen - the hunk seated with his legs spread? Red satiny shirt? He's Tango Ken. You can find him on the secondary market; I got him years ago from FAO Schwartz for an obscene sum because a. I had the cash then and b. I KNEW I would never find a more gorgeous specimen of Ken.

I need to get him a nice wardrobe or to start making him some other outfits. A guy that good looking ... he needs proper attire ;-)

Jewell said...

Oh how fun! I hadn't planned a post of our Hispanic dolls, but now maybe I will. I'll have to take pics on the hush hush since two of the dolls are Christmas gifts for Mara. I'm looking forward to your next post!

Muff said...

Did I know that Theresa was supposed to be Hispanic? If I did, I forgot. I have bunches of her from the Thrift Store. I happen to prefer dark haired dolls so that's probably why I have so many.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I have several Hispanic dolls. I hadn't planned on posting about them, but now perhaps I will. Thanks for this information! That's a great photo of your dolls.