Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joss and Tosh ... The Other Two Star Dolls

I mentioned that I had bought two other StarDolls. Officially, they are Pretty n Love 2 and Fallen Angel 1, but here in East Philly, they are Jocelyn aka Joss and Toshiko aka Tosh. Joss and Tosh are college students who model to pay for their college expenses.

Roxanne is considering her new body options. She thinks she might settle for a Monsieur Z (Integrity Toys) body. She would have liked a rounder body, but this one might suit. Hmmm ....


Georgia Girl said...

These are the two that I have. I rebodied Tosh on a MZ body and I love her. I have Joss on a fashionistah body.

Vanessa said...

Oh, there they are! Hey Jocelyn and Toshika.

D7ana said...

Great minds, Georgia Girl, lol.

I could see Joss on the Arty Fashionista body, but which MZ body did you use for Tosh? Oh wait - doesn't matter. I don't have any MZ bodies her complexion. Darn. Thanks for the suggestion though ;-)

Hey Vanessa! Tosh here. (Joss is struggling to get her hose off.)

Hi yo Vanessa! Joss here. Had to get out of those putrid stockings. Umm ... we've been keeping up with the wedding and the reception. Lucky kids went - and why didn't we, Tosh?

Tosh (eyes roll up and sigh emerges): 'Cause we had an assignment ....

Joss: Oh yeah. W-O-R-K. Anyway, we have heard about the mysterious Mr. Freeman. Whassup with that, him?

Tosh: You can't ask - pardon her Vanessa. She likes to play "hood rat" and forget her manners. We're sure that the juicy details will emerge ....

Joss: Now who's the "hood rat?"

Vanessa said...

I sure wish Joss and Tosh could have made the wedding. They sound like loads of fun.

D7ana said...

Joss and Tosh: Well, I am!

Joss: No, you did NOT bogart my line.

Tosh: Your line wouldn't be worth bogarting.

Joss: Puh-leeze. Remind me why I hang out with you?

Tosh: So you can bogart my lines.

Dana: Maybe they wouldn't have been so much fun at the wedding. Girls, scratches and bald spots are not impressive modeling looks.

Please check this link for the definition of bogart:

My HTML is not working here ;-P

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like all Stardolls. The clothes they wear are always beautiful. Enjoy your purchase. Keep in touch.

Muff said...

D7ana are you going to start a photostory with Joss and Tosh???

Are they frienemies or they just like to bicker?

D7ana said...

Hi Marta and Muff! I like the Stardolls and their fashions, too.

Hmmm ... I had not thought to do a photostory with Joss and Tosh because they are "new." Girls, are you frienemies?

Joss: Oh no you didn't. Did she call us "girls?"

Tosh: Silly, she was talking about Izzy and that lot. Anyone can look at us and see we are women.

Joss: ... women grown.

Tosh: Course oldies talk like that sometime ...

Joss: Oh, that's a good one! Oldies!

Maybe I won't start a photostory with them ;-)

Roville said...

Those girls are trouble! They need an ongoing storyline. Just so we can see how the pair of them keep you on your toes. hee hee

D7ana said...

Et tu, Robin? Sigh. Certain young ladies - excuse me - women need to keep their heads in their books and their posing for the off sire cameras.

Tosh: I can see my name online now, "The Tosh Show"

Joss: You mean, "The Jocelyn Miller Show." Widens her eyes and waves, "Heeeeyyyy."

Tosh: Sooo Wendy Williams. My act would be original.

Joss: Like that lame gothic look? "Me soooo pale. Bleach me and bleed me. Put the world out of its misery."

Next thing you'll be hooking up with[No]Angelus and begging him to take your soul.

Tosh: You like him, too? I thought you liked the really old one in the square suit. The crypt keeper revived. I saw you stretching your neck after running. Bite this, old boy.

Joss: Awww now, I am not after your daddy, girl, so back down ....

D7ana: You two are on MUTE for the rest of the day. That's it.