Friday, June 1, 2012

International Black Doll Show 2012, Pt. 2

Behold! a blast from my past: Soul Sister doll seen at Linda C. Hayes' table. Talk about childhood memories ... many years ago, I owned a Soul Sister doll. Seeing her triggered an involuntary smile. I almost forgot my shoulder pain and being broke. That's why I attend the International Black Doll Show and Sale. Why I appreciate Ms. Hayes' annual presence at this event. You never know what fun, charming, amusing, exciting object will appear next.

Soul Sister doll was only one of the many interesting dolls for sale by Linda Hayes, doll dealer extraordinaire.  From sport figures like Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman or a play scale rickshaw or special issue-themed dolls like Cammie Goes to College, Ms. Hayes never disappoints her fan base at the Show. For example, the special item that she discovered in the West Indies - please see Debbie Behan Garrett's blog or Ms. Leo's blog.

Another IBDSS "regular" was Anna's Collectibles. In addition to collectible Barbies, Anna's offered Madame Alexander dolls, Gene dolls, Lee Middleton and Tonner dolls as well as toy bears, figurines, and nutcrackers. If you missed the Show or missed Anna's tables, you can visit her online shop where she has Barbies starting at $9.00! Per a lavender flyer distributed by the Anna's team, Anna's accepts credit cards and lay-a-ways. Yes! Either of those options is likely to loosen purse strings in these difficult financial times. Contact information via the Internet is or by telephone at 856-667-2916 or fax at 856-779-8868.

Zister II Creations offered Black Barbie-clone "Air Freshener Dolls." The dolls seemed to be heads-torsos with arms ... you've probably seen those half-dolls whose full skirts cover tissue boxes and other household items. Well, these dolls skirts presumably covered air fresheners. The gowns looked attractive and interesting, but I wondered if the legs were ... well, there. I confess, I did not check. I could imagine the dolls screaming, "What have you done with my LEGS!" Shudder. However, if you are curious about this series, contact B. Scott by e-mail or telephone 718-573-6712 or 718-909-5497.

I missed any other dealers selling play scale figures. However, I did meet new to the IBDSS doll artist, Jacqueline Bryant Campbell. Ms. Campbell creates cloth dolls in a variety of shades - obtained by tea dying. Her daughter and inspiration to create cloth dolls was not there. You can see her adorable dolls at her website and e-mail her: she is also on Twitter @JBryantCampbell and on Facebook.

Additional doll artists Scharynne Holmes, Frannie Robinson, Laura Tuzio-Ross, and Goldie Wilson. Owner of Dolls, Teddy Bears & Gifts, Eleanor McGhee was present also. I just gathered cards and/or took a photo of those tables because they were outside my main interest, play scale figures.

For additional photos of this event, please see the 2012 Black Doll Show album on Webshots site. For additional coverage of the Show, please see I-Luv-Dolls or Debbie Behan Garrett's blogs noted above.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi D7ana,

I am enjoying your thorough coverage of this year's IBDSS. The exhibitors' contact information is always helpful.

Anna's Collectibles is usually there annually with a variety of artist and recently manufactured dolls. I purchased a doll from her during one of the past shows I attended. She's a very nice woman.

I'll have to contact Linda about her Soul Sister (if it is still available). I am curious to know the size.

Thanks again for your thorough show report and also for the link to my blog regarding Linda's show perspective.


D7ana said...

Thanks, Debbie!

Glad you enjoyed the coverage. This is my fourth year covering the Show. I recall Anna's Collectibles being there at previous Shows.

I am glad that you and Ms. Leo posted about the West Indies World Championship 2007 male doll.

I think the Soul Sister might have been around 10" tall. I thought mine was shorter and narrower. Good luck!

Roville said...

I can imagine how stirring it would be to revisit a childhood doll. Soul Sister is adorable with those big sad eyes. And I love her hippie inspired frock.

What’s wrong with your shoulder?

Muff said...

Thanks so much for all these links and contact info!

Vanessa said...

"Hey sista, soul sista, soul sista, soul sists....Gitchee, gitchee, ya ya ya ya."

Sorry. I had to take it there. Thanks for the additional information. Nice to hear that Goldie and Tuzio-Ross were there. I met them both at the Int'l show in Washington DC. I camped out at Laura's booth for hours and left there feeling like we were the best of friends. She is so great at capturing multi cultural features on her dolls.

Gitchee, gitchee, ya ya, ya ya...

I have never seen the Soul Sister doll. She's a cutie.

I'm headed to Pandora to find that song!

Jacqueline Bryant Campbell said...

Thanks for including me in your post. I enjoyed talking with you at the show and hope to become a regular. I will be adding a link to your blog.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks Robin! Soul Sister wasn't my favorite doll, but she stood apart from the others because she had those huge, sad eyes. I'll have to do a separate post/tribute to her.

Aside: I don't know what I did but about 2 weeks ago, my shoulder hurt whenever I attempted to raise my arm. Stabbing pain like don't move me, leave me alone. Only it's attached to me so I had to work around it. My guess is that I pulled a muscle or ate too much salt? It's let up a bit - not so bad now. Sssshh - I'd say it's almost gone, but it might come back and wallop me if I do ;-P

You're welcome, Muff! Glad to pass on the information. I figure they came to Philly, so I ought to do something in return. Especially since I was so not buying this year. Ugh.

Vanessa, I laughed out loud - spelling it out because it was sooo funny to think of that song in conjunction to Lil Soul Sister. Lady Marmalade is one of the catchier Patti Labelle songs.

You are welcome, Ms. Campbell. I don't usually mention cloth dolls, but yours had the cutest expressions and an interesting array of complexions. I never realized how much difference the shape and the tilt of eyebrows could make. Thanks for stopping by; I'll add a link to your blog here. Good luck with your doll creating and dealing!