Friday, April 8, 2011

Alexis in Two Shades

For Liv Alexis fans who would prefer her with a darker complexion, someone is "listening" to you.

Check these two Making Waves Alexis dolls:

I found them at a Philadelphia Target store. No price difference between the two. I confess, I forgot to check for the stock numbers - darn. (I saw them in Target; alas I did not buy them.)

Wonder if they are leftover bodies from the Alice Alexis dolls?


AilanthusAltissima said...

Is the eye color the same on these? Also, the package says that you can change the wig. I thought these had rooted hair. I can't quite picture them bald....

D7ana said...

I did look at their eyes ... yes, they are the same brown color :-)

Their hair looks rooted, but it might be rooted onto a cap and attached by a ... language failing me here ... insertion peg?

Oh! And me a native English speaker, former English major, and former ESL tutor ... argh!

Anonymous said...

All of the LIV girls have wigs--attached to a cap on a peg! Without wigs, they have painted on short hair.

Anonymous said...

Holy Alexis batman! I have actually left a comment on the Liv doll site back in summer 2011 asking spin master why don't they have a darker version of this girl who is supposed to be of Afro amarican decent! Maybe I wasent the only one but that is tooooooo cool! Thank you spin master!

D7ana said...

Hi Anonymous! Yes, Spinmaster did create a second Alexis with a slightly darker complexion. Your 2011 comment probably contributed to that second, darker doll ;-D

Hooray for collectors and enthusiasts!