Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do You Like Freckled Faces?

Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls recently submitted a post about a freckle-faced Bratz doll. She - Frannie, not the Bratz doll Rina - inspired this post about some of the freckle-faced DAFs here in East Philly.
Usually, Mattel's frecked-faced dolls are children. Tommy and Kelly. Occasionally, you will find an adult doll with freckles like One Modern Ken, several of the Fashion Fever dolls (Gillian, Drew, etc.)

I am posting photos of two freckle-faced characters. The young lady on the left is the AA version of Skipper from the Walmart Barbie and Skipper Pajama Fun Tote set; the gentleman on the right is one of the Power Team members. Check how his freckles extend beyond his nose to his entire face.

Do you have any favorite freckle-faced dolls or action figures?


MJ said...

It depends, lol, usually I go for beauty marks, lol. I do remember the Midge (with the painted blue bikini) was gorgeous though...I think I had her, lol.

Silent G said...

Oh I definitely have several freckle faced ladies... OK, moreso just one... Gillian... just several of her :p

I have 5 of the original Gillian, then 5 of the custom TTL sculpt I made into my "Un-Babsified" Gillians, and now I have recently purchased 2 of the Barbie Basics Series 2 #14 girls of whom shall soon get a repaint into another rendition of Gillian :)

Can we say obsession? :p

Dollz4Moi said...

I love freckle faced dolls. It makes them stand out from the other dolls. I have several dolls with freckles.

Frannie said...

Thanks for the mention!! I am going to be on the look-out for some other freckled face dolls and action figures. Have never seen the Ken that you mentioned.

D7ana said...

Hi, M.J. Beauty marks are interesting, too. (Have to think if I have any dolls with that feature - years ago, I had a TNT Stacey who I think did ....) Midge, I have ... an old one. Oh and some of the more recent Midges and Divas have freckles. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Hi, Silent G! I was thinking of your Gillians, lol. Would you mind if I added a link to them or would you like to add a link back here to them? They look great - especially on their NEW, poseable bodies!

Hi, Dollz4Moi! Freckles do make a figure look different. If you'd like to share any links to your freckled dolls, I'll do another post showing those links ;-)

Hi, Frannie! Your article inspired this one so I had to share a link ;-)

It's fun to find dolls with specific characteristics. Reminds me of how different our figures can be ;-D

Silent G said...

Hi D7ana,

You are more than welcome to post some links to whatever pics of Gillian you would like to show :)

I hope to have pics of the latest version of her later this week :)

Lucie said...

This Skipper doll is totally dreamy! Luv her.
Great blog btw! I'm a fan!

xx Lucie

D7ana said...

Thanks for the permission, Will! Working on a follow-up post that will include that link ;-D

Thanks for visiting, Lucie! Fee (for Felicity, that's my revised name for that Skipper ;-D ) appreciates the notice. Thanks for the kind comment about this blog, too.

The Free Library here is not allowing me access to your blog, but I look forward to seeing it. I am adding your URL to my blog list ;-)

D7ana said...

Oh Frannie, the male figure shown is a Power Team figure by M & C Toys. He isn't a Ken. (Although he's a gentleman, too, I think.)

I didn't have a chance to add the Daywear 1 Modern Circle Ken to this post. Now he is a freckled Ken.

Eibhlin said...

Heeeeeeeeeey it's my "Bartek" Power Team Boy!! I love him and his freckle face!!! Actually I've been looking for the same figure, because of my doll-collector friend! She's in love with my Bart :)))
Is he "rare" or something? I buy my "Bartek" as a RANGER Team Power a year ago. In big box, with a lot of euqipments.
Well I 'll keep searching for that Figure ;)

Have a nice day D7ana!!!! :*

D7ana said...

Hi Eibhlin!

Quelle coincidence ;-)

"Bartek" is a popular guy, huh? Three ladies love him. LOL.

No, that Power Team guy is not rare. I have seen him in different roles: M & C Toys uses the same figure in different roles. Your "Bartek" was a Ranger; my "Brian Stuart" was a Delta Force, Hostage Rescue. So you have to see the actual figure to be sure that you have the figure that you want. If I see a "Bartek"-faced Power Team guy, I will let you know where I saw him.

I wish you a nice day, too!

Thanks for visiting.

P.S. Did you see this post about why I like the Power Team guys and this other post about a doll/action figure enthusiast who uses Power Team figures in his movies?

Eibhlin said...

LOL :)

Thank you for everything! :***
"Bartek" is like that dolls - OOAK!
Lol! :)))
I should feedback to your comment long time ago! I'm so sorry for that :(
Anyway... Bartek eyes are so proportional!!! Most of the Power Team or Action Man got a big BLUE eyes! So he is relly special guy :)

Just give me a minute and I'll check your other topics about Power Team guys!

And one more think - sometimes I got problem to express myself in english - sorry for that! You must forgive me that - I'm lazy :P I don't have a problem when I speak english, but when I must leave a text messege... well there's something like: "OMG I'm sure a did something wrong..." :)

I wanna thank you for your comments in my blog - you always put some "polish" commants :) This is awesome and unique :) It's so sweet!!!!!
Much love!!!!!!

D7ana said...

Hi Eibhlin! You are welcome to any information I can share. I am happy that you visit my blog and that you leave me fun responses.

We have busy lives so we cannot always leave feedback immediately; it is nice to read feedback when it does come. So post late, post early, whenever you can, I get a gift at that time ;-)

Your English is fine - I understand your meaning. If I do not, I re-phrase and wait to hear back from you.

I must confess something to you: I do not know any spoken or written Polish. Yes, I hang my head in shame. When I enter "Polish" comments, I take that text from a translation from Google Translate. So if the sentences or answers seem a little odd; that is the way Google Translate has interpreted my response. (Yes, yes - blame the software, lol.)

Some readers who have another first language prefer an English response that they can translate. I admire that you speak and read and write English in addition to Polish.

(I "studied" some French in college. I wish my French were better. I will have to use it more often in 2014 ;-D)

Big hug and much love back to you!