Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Should I Sell It? AH-6 Helicopter

It is easily the coolest 1:6 scale vehicle that I have.

Behold the 21st Century Toys AH-6 Little Bird Nightstalker Helicopter.

Sure it was created for modern soldiers ... The Ultimate Soldier, no less. Alas. Yes, the Ultimate Soldier line includes some of the hmmm ... homliest action figures ever created. But then again, these figures weren't meant to be glamorous. They are warriors and villains and characters not usually associated with usual doll-play. So that makes them potentially interesting to add to my collection ... well, maybe not the pilot in this set since I think some of my guys want to replace him.

Why? My guys and gals want this prop for thriller movie scenes. Scenes I will not likely do anytime soon. At least, I don't plan to do so. Yes, pretty sure about that. So maybe I should sell it. But then again, I would not want to buy it again.

That is why you see the wonderful graphics on the box, but not the actual helicopter. I have not yet opened the box. Yes, I do have stuff I want to open some day. No, I don't like to just look at the graphics printed on the boxes. I enjoy seeing and posing actual figures. But if I sell it, shouldn't I allow the new owner to have "first touch?"

And if I put it together, it will be a pain to put it back.

Then again, it would be cool to have around. It will likely be the closest to being near a helicopter I will get.

Thinking ... pondering ....

(Note: not saying I'm afraid - just saying I have no intention of ever boarding a helicopter or any other air dwelling vehicle. Nope. Not unless the earth is all on fire. Bump knuckles to SmidgeGirl.)


Niel Camhalla said...

I usually have this simple rule:

If it's value won't grow with time and if you haven't used it in the last 3 years (chances are you won't use it in the next 3 years) and if you have no special attachment with the item (sentimental value which cannot be translated in dollars), then sell it.

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

hi D7ana, if you need to see how it looks like assembled, check out the link attached ;)

maybe it'll help you make a decision haha

Vanessa said...

Hmmm. I don't know. I guess I would say, why are you waiting to do the scenes that require the helicopter? Get to it! LOL. This is how I access whether I should sell or not. How much will I get for the item? How quickly will I spend the money I get? Will the item I buy be cooler than the thing I am selling? Usually the answer is no. Good Luck!

Silent G said...

D7ANA - This will actually be a hot commodity now. There is a figure being released by Soldier Story this week that has been a long awaited figure for some time. The U.S. Army 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) The "Night Stalkers" Pilot. The Little Bird is used exclusively by that unit in the Army and I would recommend if you are looking to put it up for sale I'd make sure you make mention of it on OSW. There will be people looking for Little Birds since this figure is getting released :)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Niel! I like that rule. I think I'll "borrow" it as I go through my other dolls and action figures. I'm surprised that I am ambivalent about this vehicle because a. it is a vehicle and b. it has no correlation to anything I have done or want to do in real life. Hmmm ...

Alex, THANKS, dude! Love your photos and your review of your AH-6 Little Bird. Lovely photos of the actual machine, folks. Must see and read here. Sigh.

Hi and thanks, Vanessa. I have LOTs of rooms and stories planned. I have a list on my computer. Sigh. I do just need to DO it. Thanks for the soft boot ;-)

Someone thought I might get $20 on Craigslist - please note, I would NEVER sell this on Craigslist for that price. I paid more, but even more so, I ggggggoooo buggy at the thought of selling my preciouses (former and present) on Craigslist. Those Philistines!

Thanks Silent G! That is news to me. I contacted OSW first to sound them out. Got good feedback there, too. (For those interested in that thread, please see OSW. OSW is One Sixth Warrior one of the best sources for 1:6 scale customizing on the Internet. You might have to join to access that discussion direct; it is well worth doing so.) What I might do is open the box see if I can put it together. If it's do-able, then I will keep it. If it looks too detailed for me, I'll box it up, post it for a reduced amount - to make up for my opening it - on OSW.

Thanks all for your thoughtful and stimulating answers. You've been a great help to me on this matter.

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

hey there, it's me again :) putting it together is the least of the problem haha i think once you've done that, it's gonna be a keeper for sure CHEERS

D7ana said...

Thanks, Alex! Need the encouragement about putting it together. I can be lazy ;-)