Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Topics: Leading Doll Ladies, Barbie, St. Patty's, Spring!

What topics are up for March?
Women's History Month (leading doll ladies)
Barbie's Birthday!

St. Patrick's Day

Organization Updates

Let's see some of my Black Barbies. (I'll be posting about ALL Barbies throughout this month, but I have these photos I missed posting last month.) Mattel used a variety of face molds for them: Mackie, Carnival, Goddess, Drew/Ana, and Mbili. The following dolls are mostly boxed to-be-deboxed after I finish the reduction part of organizing. These are more keeper dolls.

Face of All That Glitters Barbie, Diva Collection
All That Glitters Barbie, Diva Collection

Face of Festivals of The World Carnival Barbie
Festivals of The World Carnival Barbie

Faces of Go for Red Barbie and Pink Ribbon Barbie

Go Red For Women Barbie and Pink Ribbon Barbie

On Location Milan Barbie
On Location Milan Barbie

Zodiac Barbie: Aries
Zodiac Barbie: Aries

I recognize the face molds for all except the Black Pink Ribbon Barbie - her neck reads "1998" so that rules out the Kayla/Lea head mold.  Any Barbie fans *know* her face mold?

If you think I have missed any March topics, let me know. Or if you will be covering similar or different topics, share ;-)


Sarah Sequins said...

Pink Ribbon Barbie looks like she has the Goddess sculpt. I've noticed that the year shown on the back of the head is often much earlier than the year a doll was made. Some of my dolls from the 80's had 70's stamps.

I love the Diva Barbie! I have one, too. Got her all the way back when Kaybee Toys still existed. :)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Sarah. I considered the Goddess head mold, but I discounted it because I thought she doesn't look a lot like the Go For Red. Boy, Mattel sure is talented ;-)

I think I got my Diva from Kaybee! I miss them ;-{

jSarie said...

I think these photos are inspiring me to spend more time paying attention to the faces when I'm looking at fashion dolls, because not only do I not recognize the mystery one, I don't think I'd have been able to ID more than two of them!
A skill for me to work on! :)

billa's dolls and fashions said...

I agree with Sarah, she looks like Goddess to me, it is a face sculpt which changes a lot depending on the screening.

D7ana said...

Thanks jSarie and Billa's Dolls and Fashions!

@jSarie - I'm fuzzy about the difference between Goddess and Kayla/Lea. Aside from the date - Goddess being 1998 and Kayla/Lea being 2000. I got the info for my Go Red for Women online.

@Billa's Dolls and Fashions - yes, I agree with you and with Sarah. Pink Ribbon AA = Goddess. That's a great face mold.

Muff said...

Ohh, I like the Carnival Barbie. She looks like she's plump. Is she or she just has a round face?

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Alas, it would have been nice if Carnival Barbie were rounder. She has a round face atop a Belly button body.

You've got me thinking ... plumper body ... wonder if the fist Raven body would match that complexion? She'd be a little rounder then ... have to find that body.

Can you think of another doll who'd be heavier and who'd match that light brown complexion? Just curious ...

Thanks for giving me that idea ;-)

D7ana said...

Ugh! "fist" should read "first", lol.

Muff said...

The only doll I have that would make her seem bigger with that coloring is Moxie Melrose but it would make her taller. I have what I think is the Cheeta Girl who dated the Kardashian, but it could be Raven maybe.

Jewell said...

Glad I saw today's post! Your Carnival Barbie was the answer to today's Guess Who game on Doll Genie's website. I wouldn't have known the answer, but thanks to you I just won 100 more reward points.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Jewell!

@Muff - oh, thanks for the Moxie Teen suggestion. I think I'd like this one to be shorter, but there are some others I'd like taller like Birthday Wishes.

Mattel produced two Raven dolls; PlayAlong released at least two as well, Basic and Concert. Raven was part of the original Cheetah Girls (then she left) so you could have a Cheetah Girl (Raven) Galleria.

@Jewell - high five! Congrats on scoring 100 reward points. (And thanks for sharing - that sounds fun!)

Muff said...

Thanks for the links! I now know that I have Galleria.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! You're welcome! It's nice to know who we have ;-)

I generally like, even prefer Mattel dolls, but PlayAlong produced a better likeness with their doll.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: Face dolls changes with clothing and perspective and same changes a lot depending on the screening. Pink Ribbon AA is fabulous. In my country this doll is not for sale. Keep in touch

Unknown said...

Hello! Sorry to be off-topic, but I was wondering if you might have an update for your Lucy Liu doll - to become Dr. Joan Watson from "Elementary".

I have the same doll & a Fashionista to re-body her, but she doesn't fit. I'm a beginner, & thought you would know how to get around the problem.

And I would like to see your wonderful work!

D7ana said...

Hi Marta and Lila Phillips@

@Marta - you write true words, face screening can make a big change in doll appearance ;-)

@Lila Phillips - thanks for your kind words. Alas, I have still not found the right replacement body for my Jakks Pacific Lucy Liu head. Mattel's Fashionistas and Integrity Toys' Fashion Royalty seem too thin for this head.

I wonder if one of my Lady's Mission dolls would do? Or maybe this Kumik body? I'm going to ask around various doll and action figure boards.

Thanks for reminding me about this project!