Friday, February 27, 2015

What About This Figure?

I feel conflicted reporting this news, but it is about a playscale figure and it falls in with the Black History theme. The character though is someone I find distasteful so part of me wants to ignore it. Sigh. Drums fingers. Sigh again. Okay, I'll share.

Storm Collectibles has created a 1:6 scale Mike Tyson figure. Alter-Ego Comics and BigBadToyStore have the figure available for pre-order. What is the pre-order cost? $239.99 at both sites. Gulp. Yes, I typed $239.99.

You may remember that Storm Collectibles produced a stunning Dennis Rodman. The Tyson figure looks as well-crafted as the Rodman one. Were I wealthier than I am now, I would consider these figures quasi-art pieces. I wave aside the cost though and ask, why him? Can people really forget what he did

I am amazed that anyone would create a figure of him, that anyone would want a figure of him. Then again, someone might just want a boxer-built action figure. Shrug. I don't get it. Anyone else flummoxed?

Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles


RagingMoon1987 said...

Strange choice on both counts; both Rodman and Tyson have checkered backgrounds. I guess this just proves that there's something for everyone.

Smaller Places said...

My first thought was that there's something up with rehabilitating Mike Tyson's image through product licensing... which led me to an Adult Swim series that started up this past summer, Mike Tyson Mysteries.

It gets a blurb about "he used to rain down violent destruction on everybody, but now he rights wrongs" (paraphrased).

In the show, Mike Tyson teams up with the ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, Tyson's own Korean (I think) adopted daughter, and a sarcastic pigeon in order to solve Scooby-Doo-style problems. I am not making this up, though whoever did is presumably coining money.

So Mike Tyson may be becoming cool again. I'm not sure what to make of that, either.

D7ana said...

Hi RagingMoon1987 and Smaller Places!

@RagingMoon1987 - yes, guess there is something for everyone. Shrug.

@Smaller Places - yes, they've been trying to rehab his image for some time. He had a cameo in one of those stupid-is-funny-not movies. Mystery series now? Ick.

The sad thing is, I think he was cool for some people even at the height of his transgressions. A former friend told me there was a reason why Tyson beat up his wife. He didn't have an answer when I asked what excuse could there be for a trained pugilist to beat up his actress wife. Sad.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Hi Dana, I think that this is a good looking figure. Would I buy it? Nope. Can I forget what Mike Tyson did? Nope. Did I laugh at his cameo in that stupid movie (the first one, not the sequel)? Yep.

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! I agree - the figure looks good - realistic and bearing a strong resemblance to the boxer. But I'd never buy it, not even to pretend it was someone else ;-P.

Vanessa said...

They did a great job on the figure. I'm not necessarily a Mike Tyson fan, and I won't be buying the figure, but after seeing how he's turned his life around, (Oprah Winfrey special), I'm fine with him. Even Oprah was impressed. Tyson was a troubled kid that was taken advantage of by a number of people, Robin Givens included. Is there any excuse for beating your wife? Never. But he was 22 yrs old when he was married to her. Is a 22 yr old, troubled kid unforgivable? Not in my book. Did he have other transgressions? Yes, but it's not always how you start life, it's about how you finish it. And sorry, but Hangover I was crazy funny.

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! Yes, Storm Collectibles did a great job.

That's a good point about how people finish their lives. Mike Tyson never touched me or anyone I know so there's nothing to forgive on my part. It's memory and association. I see that figure and up pops memories of what he did. She could have been me. That thought scares me.

As for the Hangover movie, I'm glad that you and others enjoyed it. Laughter is good ;-)

Muff said...

One of my many so called character flaws is a lack or unwillingness to forgive. I don't let transgressions pass regardless of if they happened to me or not. I may question the validity of events or give someone the benefit of the doubt, but once it's been proven that you did such and such, then I'm out. So no, I don't want a Tyson figure, a Chris Brown figure or any other jerk that did whatever. Age and youth do not absolve someone from their deeds. "Oh he was young. He didn't know better." Or worse, "Boys will be boys." Barf.

Now as to the figure, it doesn't look very articulated unless it has one of those under skeleton things.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! I would like to be more generous, but some deeds remain stamped in my mind. Violent acts stick - I can't see past them. My flaw: I can't forget.

Regarding the figure - it looks to be jointed so I don't think it has an under skeleton. Shrug.

Chasing Joy said...

I can certainly see why the Tyson Action Figure could be controversial and distasteful to some.

I started watching boxing as a kid with my dad and somewhat followed Tyson. I do not in anyway condone what he has done, violence against women. However, I do think there is a lot more to his story, including being drugged without his knowledge (steroids and I think other things) as a kid and young adult. I don't know that he is that same person anymore. I would never go so far as to defend him or to want to be alone with him. But I don't feel anger or condemnation when I think of him either.

D7ana said...

My dad was a Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, and boxing enthusiast. He'd watch matches on tv. I never liked seeing people fight so I'd leave the room.

I admit: I don't know the details of Mike Tyson's story. Drugs would account for his behavior.

Usually, I don't dwell on abusive people. I have been fortunate to have not encountered them in my adult life. Seeing that figure ... reminds me how blessed I have been.