Saturday, September 24, 2011

Updates on OldJoeInfirmary and YoYo

For those who do not read the Comments section - what? that's one of the BEST parts of PhillyCollector - Allenoel provided the NEW Old Joe Infirmary website. Alas, they no longer carry the civilian fashions that they once did. Gone too are the loose nude figures. Sniff. Applying handkerchief to eye corners. I will manage.

Second, Amazon's YoYo is now running. By "running," I mean that it is now an active website. I haven't seen any spectacular sales at YoYo yet, but we can give the website time. Present rating: ho hum.


Allenoel said...

Thanks for the mention.

I checked out Yo-Yo. They definitely need to clearly state which of the Fashionistas are of the Swappin' variety.

Sigh ..... I wish there were Fashionistas in the darker skin tone.

D7ana said...

My pleasure, Allenoel!

Yoyo is ho hum at this time. Perhaps they will get MORE dolls and action figures and have better (aka cheaper, lol) sales.

Alas for Mattel, they do not have to have the darker skin tones because the Prettie Girls WILL corner that market.