Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OldJoeInfirmary on Hiatus and Newcomer YoYo to Come

Alas and alack! Old Joe's Infirmary seems to be on hiatus. Oh shame that I cannot see fashion separates there. Well, I hope that they come back. I got nice clothes and some of my action figures from them.

According to the Gifts and Decorative Accessories website, Amazon.com has a new toy store, Yoyo.com. That site is not yet up, but you can leave your email address for updates and special offerings.

Some of the comments left on the Gifts and Decorative Accessories website state that online toy sales has cut into brick and mortar toy store sales. Do you think that is true?


Allenoel said...

OldJoeInfirmary has a new website: http://www.ojitoys.com/aboutus.asp

Dollz4Moi said...

I think it's true. There have been several sales online that beat the stores prices. I have picked up several items for lot less than I find on the shelves

Not sure if stores can compete with sales being offered online.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I miss OJI.


D7ana said...

Thanks, Allenoel, for the update about OldJoeInfirmary! Glad to see them still in business. I don't see the clothing separates that they used to carry. Oh well. Change.

Hi Dollz4Moi. Yes, I, too, have gotten GREAT sales online. But sometimes the stores have unexpected reductions so I don't have to pay postage. Then again, online, so much more can be made available - like this Bratz guy. Online, we sometimes have MORE choices. Sigh.

But that's GREAT for us collectors.

BDE, check OJI's new website. Although if you went there for your guy fashions, you will miss OJI still: I didn't see loose clothes among the new offerings.

Oh and everybody, do stop by Allenoel's blog. She's got an interesting collection of playscale and other dolls.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I appreciate learning the link to OJI's new website from your post. Still missing their separates. Their "civi" separates was what I enjoyed the most.


Allenoel said...

Thanks for checking out and mentioning my blog D7ana.

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Allenoel! My pleasure to find and to forward blog links about playscale dolls and action figures.