Friday, December 18, 2009

Target Findings - More Barbie Photos

Leftover photos and brief comments:

A new princess wears gladiator sandals ... cool!

Jungle gym for the little ones ... cute.

Interesting ... the Pre-School Teacher uses the Asha head mold. For fans of the Asha head mold, that means a new doll.

Am I alone in this thought? This pink and white candy striper uniform for Barbie is cute, but it is made of vinyl. Do candy stripers really wear vinyl uniforms? Sounds hot as in suffocating, LOL.


E. A said...

Re the candy striper outfit -- it's a FETISHY nurse outfit!!

D7ana said...

Ah! LOL! I thought that might be the case - remember the vinyl nun habit? - but then I told myself, nah. Not for kids.

Doesn't it seem that there is one or more rebellious worker at Mattel? But shush, let's not alert the Anti-Barbie brigades ;-D