Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009 (Steps Four-Six)

  • 10 - One2Believe Tales of Glory Esther
  • 9 - Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Priyanka Chopra
  • 8 - Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Hrithik Roshan
  • 7 - M & C Toy Centre World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer Power Team Elite
  • 6 - Mattel High School Musical 3 In the Spotlight Tiara Gold
  • 5 - Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Kajol
  • 4 - Haschel Toys Olga Tanon
  • 3 - Aoshima/Skynet Girl's Mission No. 4 Mai
  • 2 - Integrity Fashion Royalty Bewitching Hour Luchia
  • 1 - Integrity Dynamite Girls Heartbreaker T.J.




Niel Camhalla said...

From the photos, I have to agree with your top two. And I really like the costume of the Spinmaster ladies.

D7ana said...

Integrity's Fashion Royalty and Dynamite Girl series are gorgeous.

I love the bright, cheery outfits worn by the Spinmaster ladies, too. Why I have yet to change them ;-P

Shaun said...

a very nice variety in your fave toys of the year Diana! Thanks for sharing and hope it was good fun for you in coming up with the list. :)

Bb said...

OMG, I think Olga looks like Taylor Swift!

D7ana said...

Thanks for the post prompt, Shaun! I did have fun.

Bb, hmmmm ... Olga Tanon and Taylor Swift dolls look-a-like? I'll have to take some photos showing them together. Thanks for my next post prompt ;-D

Charles said...

OMG I have that same exact Power Team Elite guy!! :D I saw it at Big Lots and couldn't get over how nice his face was. (I wish his body was as nice as the face though. -.-; )

D7ana said...

Yes, Charles, the Power Team guys have incredible faces. I love this PT guy's nose ... such fine sculpting.

The more recent PT guys aren't as ham-fisted as the earlier ones. I wish they would include bare hands as well as the gloved ones. But the faces on the PT guys almost compensate for the hands :-D

Charles said...

Are his gloves molded on? The one I have has normal hands, but they're HUGE and clunky. >.< I wish their heads were easy to swap to other bodies.

D7ana said...

Yes, my Power Team guy was issued with "glove hands" i.e., the non-removable gloves, no hands under them - if/when I get some spare G.I. Joe hands, I may be able to change them, provided the complexion colors match.

I never thought about changing the PT guys with other poseable bodies. Hmmmm ....