Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Priyanka at 9

Manufacturer: Spin Master Ltd.
Series: Bollywood Legends
Character Name: Priyanka Chopra
Box Year, if Noted: 2006

Why is Priyanka Chopra on the Top Ten List?

Priyanka has not only a pretty face, but a pretty ethnic face. She has a discernible nose, wide mouth, and full lips. Her eyebrows are heavier than usual; her face is broader than usual. Notice her warm complexion and red streaked black hair. Bye bye Steffie and Teresa faces for this Indian doll. Long live la difference!

Also, check the beautiful red scarf and the navy velvety bodice and the vivid red full skirt. I love this colorful outfit. The earrings and bracelets add to the festive air of her outfit. She should dance. I expect the extras from a Bollywood movie to spring from the shelves and to gyrate around her. Music and pagentry wherever she roams.

Why is Priyanka the ninth doll on the List?

Proportions again. Her head is a little large. Surprisingly, her feet are smaller than the current high-heeled Barbie's feet. Her feet are the same size as the Smartees dolls' feet: tiny. Then her limited articulation keeps Priyanka on the lower end of this List. Her knees do NOT bend. Her arms can move up and down from her shoulders, but the inability to bend her knees disappoints me. Straight-legged dolls are tricky to pose seated.

Also, the glitter on the outfit sheds easily. The left earring breaking off, I'll excuse as my clumsiness.

I bought my Bollywood Legend dolls from Fairy Dust Dolls Ltd. through Postage to the United States from the United Kingdom was costly, but that was the only way that I knew to get these dolls. If anyone knows of a closer to the U.S. source for these dolls, please send that information in a comment.


AilanthusAltissima said...

I have never seen this line before! Thanks for posting. It is sad that little attention went into the body. The feet really are tiny!

Here is a link to the face of the celebrity. Not a bad attempt with the headmold.

How is the jewelry on the actual doll? TIA!

D7ana said...

You're welcome! Glad to share the information.

I wish more attention had been paid to the body, too. She does twist at the waist, so I don't know why her knees don't bend since those two features often go together.

Regarding her jewelry, I love the bracelets, but the earrings and the head piece, I could have take or leave. They add some color, but they're tricky to remove.

Thanks for the link to the celebrity. The actress has a more delicate face than the doll - not surprising - but yes, the likeness is okay. I'm not familiar with the Bollywood actors so I mostly liked that the doll was pretty and different looking ;-D

corsetkitten said...

Thank you for the info on her!
I'd seen her around on & but hadn't taken the plunge on buying her (because I'm a body swapper & doubted I'd find anyone to match the skintone). I didn't even consider that her legs wouldn't bend & she'd have microfeet (*definitely a candidate for body swappage*)

Did you see the other girl in the series Kajol? She's also pretty IMO.

D7ana said...

My pleasure sharing information about the Bollywood dolls: I love finding a new-to-me series and finding out about them.

Yes, finding a new body will be difficult for these dolls. (Kajol is number 5 on this list; yes, she is gorgeous, too.) I placed her next to the Lanard I-Girls, Mattel My Scene poser bodies, and Sydney of the Get Real Girls: no match. She's lighter than Pocahontas' Kocoum and the Bbi Hispanic Perfect Body. Warm tawny rather than cool. Very tricky to match. I'll have to check among my Fashion Royalty and Mr. Z dolls although I think that they are more cool/gray tan than Priyanka. If you find a poser body match, I would LOVE to hear about it ;-D