Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Hrithik at 8

Manufacturer: Spin Master Ltd.
Series: Bollywood Legends
Character Name: Hrithik Roshan
Box Year, if Noted: 2006

Why is Hrithik Roshan on the Top Ten List?

This won't be difficult: Hrithik Roshan is on the Top Ten List because he is a good looking action figure. Oops, did I write action figure? I did. Hrithik is poseable therefore he is an action figure. Or is he a poseable doll? He did come with an extra outfit as shown in the photo above. The doll or action figure discussion can wait for another post .... You can see boxed Hrithik and Hrithik in his original clothes here.

Why is Hrithik eighth on the Top Ten List?

He's cute, poseable, AND an ethnic male. Attractive ethnic males are hard to find [at this scale] LOL. However, he's a little frail. I can pose him, but I do so carefully. My Hot Toys and Power Team guys have more substance to their bodies. Hrithik doesn't have odd proportion problems. His two outfits scream cheap: the gauzy shirt is the worst, but as long as I am happy with the figure, the clothes can be given away or sold. With Esther and Priyanka, I had definite "problems" with their doll bodies. With Hrithik, it's more that other dolls and action figures outranked him points-wise than that he has serious detractions.

I bought my Bollywood Legend dolls from Fairy Dust Dolls Ltd. through Postage to the United States from the United Kingdom was costly, but that was the only way that I knew to get these dolls. If anyone knows of a closer to the U.S. source for these dolls, please send that information in a comment.


Niel said...

he is good looking. I like the color of his eyes (both the doll and the human inspiration).

D7ana said...

Yes, the doll and the human seem to have gold-green eyes. Striking and appealing :-)