Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Power Team Combat Engineer at 7

Manufacturer: M & C Toys
Series: Power Team Elite
Character Name: Combat Engineer (actually, his job title)
Box Year, if Noted: No Date

Why is Power Team Combat Engineer on the Top Ten List?

Another easy reply: he is a good looking guy. Good looking AND intelligent-looking. Piercing black eyes. Serious mien. Furrowed eyebrows - see the vertical lines between his eyebrows. Furrowed they are. This guy does a lot of thinking. Or so I imagine, LOL. Look at his beautiful high cheekbones and the refined flare of his nostrils. Sigh. And the slightly dry lips - note the textured lip surface. M & C Toys knows how to sculpt a dreamy male head.

Granted his body is not quite as gorgeous as his face. The arm muscles look as though they were drawn by a heavy handed artist. Alas, he has glove hands - no bare hands but permanently gloved hands. Guess they did not want him to lose the gloves, given his drilling work, etc. The Combat Engineer has a sturdy build and weight. He can be posed; he can stand alone.

Why is Power Team Combat Engineer seventh on the Top Ten List?

Spots seven and eight could have gone to either Hrithik or to the Engineer. However, the Engineer had the edge and the higher rank because his body is sturdier, he's got those high cheekbones, and his clothes and accessories are better than Hrithik's. In spite of his having a longer and bigger head, the Engineer wins.

Once upon a time, you could find M & C Power Team action figures at K B Toys stores. Sigh. Now you can check Big Lots! stores, eBay, and other collectors for Power Team figures.


AilanthusAltissima said...

"he is a good looking guy."

LOL! This is always a good reason!

D7ana said...

It sounds sooo shallow though, LOL.

But that's why I got him and why he ranks. Shrug.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I like this one's face mold. I have it, but he's "with another unit," which escapes my memory, but I'm shallow, too. I didn't buy them because of their military affiliations... it's all in the looks and the true dearth of dark skinned male figures, period that don't cost "heavily drawn" arms or legs.

AilanthusAltissima said...

I don't think it is shallow. I liked the honesty of the statement. I suspect that dolls that are visually appealing sell better. However, what individuals find appealing varies a great deal and dolls have not always reflected this reality. I am glad that there is so much more diversity in dolls' appearances now than there was when I was little. Dolls and action figures used to look far more generic than they do now. I am glad that this is changing.

D7ana said...

Hi DBG and AilanthusAltissima!

Meaning no disrespect to the military anywhere, I have never bought a figure based on its military status. I have no idea what a Combat Engineer does. He has what I think is a street drill thing with three interchangeable hole-boring attachments, but why he would use them is beyond my interest. (Blushes, covers face briefly.)

I love the variety of the Power Team males. Not only do they have hunky guys, but they have ethnic hunky guys who have different looks. (Oh, if I see another Jamal-Steven male, I will SCREAM and SCREAM again.) Thanks, M & C Toys for your gifts to society. Affordable gifts at that!

Oh and I was mocking myself with the shallow comment ;-D. Even my less than pretty figures - and there are a few fitting that description - appeal to me. I cannot imagine buying or retaining figures that repulsed me. Brrr.