Sunday, December 27, 2009

G.I. Joe Heads and Kilt Pattern Online

The universe must have decided I've been neglecting my action figures: while seeking old print outs for Integrity Janay dolls for Dolls of Color, I came across two articles I had printed about G.I. Joe. Checked to see if the web sites were still there; they were. So, I have to share them with any new Joe fans OR old Joe fans who had seen them but lost the link.

Joe Heads

First, if you want to read interesting articles about G.I. Joe, MasterCollector is a site you need to see. The Hasbro Heads article only dips your foot into the quicksand of Joe's World. Tread carefully because these articles are like Lay's potato chips: you can't read just one. Reading leads to awareness of new playscale guys.

The extremely sales resistant OR utterly broke may dare investigate G.I. Joe Club. Warning, you will find dolls um action figures like the Man of Asia or the G.I. Joe 2009 Club exclusive action figure, a reproduction of the Black Talking Commander who wears the cutest Adventure Team logoed boxers imaginable. Squeal. Oops ... sorry, Joe fans. I recognize that "cute" is NOT a suitable adjective for this worthy figure. Ahem.

Joe Kilt Pattern

Anyone sewing? How about a classic Scottish kilt for your 12" Joes? R. Scott Roger's MacJoe site provides a pattern and instructions on how your Joe can wear his kilt. Notice the omission of the word, "cute." I am trying.

Happy viewing and happy sewing!

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