Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pajama Bria at Dollar General

She's cute ... well, all of the Moxie Girls are cute. They are like the anti-Bratz. Sure, they all have the same face - as far as I can tell - like the Bratz do. But the Moxie Girlz do fall straight into the "cute" category. Big eyes, little nose, and small mouth. Oh and big hair. And BIG head. Sigh. It's the big head that helps me NOT buy them.

I had not realized that there were any Black Moxie Girlz included in the Pajama Moxie Girlz sold at Dollar General stores. I had just seen the other girls: Avery, Lexa, and Sophina. No Bria for this wave, or so I thought.

So, check different neighborhoods for your Moxie Girlz Bria. Good luck finding here!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: they enchant the Moxie to me. They are so cute. Saturday I bought a Moxie with snow clothes. The clothes serve Stacey to him and I am going to make an entrance with the new clothes. We follow in contact of blog blog

D7ana said...

Hi Marta! Yes, I think the Moxie Girls are cute, too. The ones in snow clothes are really uber-cute ;-)

AilanthusAltissima said...

These are quite cute.

D7ana said...

Yes, I agree, Kim. I am trying to limit the dolls I consider purchaseable, but Bria and the Moxie Girls do tug at the purse strings.

While the Bratz have terrific fashions, they still have NO noses. The Moxie Girlz and their Boyz have small noses. Noses are a favored feature among my dolls and action figures ;-D