Friday, December 9, 2011

I Have Seen StarDolls

StarDolls have landed in Philadelphia! Hooray! I have seen them. Cheers!

Where? Walmart? Which ones? Bonjour Bisou 1 and 2, and Doll Space 1 and 2. How many from these sets do I want? Three. Which three: Bonjour Bisou 1 and 2, and Doll Space 2. Anything I want to add to the conversations about these dolls?

1. See the doll and then choose the one you want. Some of the facial screening looks off. The eyes are painted higher than the intended eye place.

2. Arrrgggggghhh! That's the sound that surprisingly did NOT emit from my lips when I noticed that the handbag for Bonjour Bisou 1 was PLASTIC! All the handbags are plastic in these sets.

3. I like their head-body-foot look so much, I might keep them on their original bodies. Might ... no, they need new bodies. Shame I might have to lose their big feet. I like big-footed female dolls.

Bonjour Bisou 1 and Doll Space 1

Doll Space 2 and Bonjour Bisou 2


Rossetti said...

So lucky! Here in Spain we won't ever see them!

Vanessa said...

What? You didn't buy them. I know. I know. You are making room first. Such great control you have.

Ms. Leo said...

Well, I'm glad you saw them! Too bad for the price. Which ones had the bad face screening?

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: they enchant all the Stardolls to me. What luck teneis that already can to buy. In reference to your previous entrance, I like the clothes of the boys in black color. The armchair is ideal. We follow in contact of blog blog

D7ana said...

Hi Rossetti! Perhaps they will reach Spain in a few months? That would be sad if they NEVER reach there.

Vanessa, yes, I am being soooo good and keeping control over my purchases. It helps to be broke, too, lol.

Ms. Leo, yes, I am glad to have seen them in the vinyl. The price, I laugh at. I will wait for better pricing, too. Like Vanessa has commented $25.00 for a basic doll - no way. One of the Bonjour Bisou 2 dolls had eyes that seemed to have missed the eye depressions. I didn't take a photo of that one though ;-]

Hi Marta! I agree that the Stardolls are enchanting. I like most of the clothes worn by the JLS dolls, too.

Roville said...

Hi Dana. What is the skin tone for rebodying purposes?

Georgia Girl said...

I noticed that the lips were different on the one with red streak in her hair (sorry I'm not good with remembering names). It is sometimes the same way with other dolls. The makeup or even hair may be different. The Stardolls are very nice with the exception of non articulation. I prefer it. You won't regret making the purchase....from Vickey who is such an enabler. : )

Happy Sunday!

D7ana said...

Hi, Robin!

I haven't bought any of the Stardolls yet, but based on what I saw and suggestions that I have heard here are possible matches. Anyone else want to chip in here, please do ;-)

Bonjour Bisou 1 looks tawny to me so I think a tan, slightly gray tone for her. (Need to double check - our "meeting" was all too brief ;-D but definitely tanned complexion.)

Bonjour Bisou 2 looks pinkish tan while Doll Space 1 has a peachy pink tone. Doll Space 2 I would possibly put on a Liv Daniela body. I think that the default body for has been a Fashionista Nikki for the tanner dolls.

Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing StarDolls in Roville!

D7ana said...

Thanks for that information, Vickey the Enabler, about the face screening and hair.

I think the red-streaked hair doll with the red pouf dress is Fallen Angel 1.

BTW enablers are some of my favorite people.

Dana a Philly Enabler ;-D

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Glad you were able to see them in person D7ana.

If the 24 dollars and some change price tag is the correct price, Walmart's price is higher than I've seen the dolls elsewhere. They were $19.99 online at Toys R Us originally (there was free shipping when I ordered) and were reduced the next week to $16.99. They are also available online at, but of course with shipping and tax in some areas, BC's price will be more than Walmart's. If TRU is in your area or anyone else who plans to buy, I suggest purchasing the dolls there to eliminate the extra $'s Walmart is charging and to eliminate shipping.


D7ana said...

Thanks for pointing out the price discrepancy, BDE! I laughed when I saw the prices. Then I thought - Evil Dana did anyway - those Walmart commercials where they say, we're the lowest price for anything, just let us know if not and we'll change the price - might be fun to confront them with that price difference. Would I be able to get the Stardoll free? lol - they'd probably find a way to slide out from that promise or whatever they claim they will do.

Store holiday shenanigans. Sigh.

I'll probably go to Toys R Us or someplace else. I'd like to see these dolls before I buy them so that I don't get wonky eyes or some other icky screening.