Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Vampire Diary: Enduring Michelle and a Sideshow Poll

"Are you sure you don't want any popcorn?"

"Yes, Michelle, I AM sure. Ask all night, I still won't want any."

"No need to be grumpy. I agree to help you find your annoying girlfriend ..."

"TJ is NOT my girlfriend. She's my gal-pal."

"... and you won't even make nice for me while I watch my show."

"Why this show though? America's Next Top Model - why don't you just stake me?" [No]Angelus adds sotto voce, "Not like you could use this stuff - "

"I heard that!"

"Sideshow chicks are almost as dumb as teenagers. Almost ... say, we've got company, Me-shell. And guess what folks? You don't have to watch this drippy show. You can take this poll where you can give Sideshow Collectibles feedback."

"Somebody ought to have fun tonight."

"Say, [No]Angelus ... are you sure about the popcorn?"


Vanessa said...

I'm not qualified to take the poll, but who is the handsome guy?

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa,

The poll isn't mine - I should have made that clearer. I think a Sideshow fan made it.

Oh and the handsome guy is [No]Angelus in East Philly (here) and Sideshow Collectibles' Angel. Here's another photo of him: the one I have is the first from the left. The second from the left (middle) one might have the same face as mine, but with a different outfit. I mention this because the one I have, "Angel Becoming" might not be available at a decent/sane price.