Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Also Found in Walmart and Pathmark - Liv & Barbie

Walmart (Wyncote, PA) has all FOUR of the Liv Dolls with their pets:

Here are photos of Liv Sophie ...

My what big eyes you have, grandma. The better to see you with, dear. My what an odd stare you have, grandma. The better to mesmerize you, dear. Creepy eyes, I think. But then, I just want them for their bodies and their clothes. Cackle. And their pesky little dogs - ouch. Couldn't resist.

Maybe the prototype for this Sophie had bangs; the produced doll has a side part with no bangs.

I did not see any of the Barbie Basics OR the Rocawear crew at this Walmart; my guess is either they sold out or they may not have received them yet.

Pathmark (Wyncote, PA) has both Valentine Wishes Barbie

Good news for fans of the Adrian/Desiree face mold, hers is the chosen head for the 2010 supermarket Valentine Wishes Barbie doll.


Ms. Leo said...

I am not a fan of the Liv dolls either. The bodies are good but what to you do with the heads. Is there a trash dump somewhere with their eye peering out from it? Now that is creepy!!

AilanthusAltissima said...

I almost fell off my chair laughing at your review of that big-headed, big-eyed doll! And I thought Blythe was just creepy enough to pull off that look... I guess Liv is somewhere between Blythe and a sanitized Bratz doll. I haven't seen one up close up yet.

AilanthusAltissima said...

...and I am still silently chanting that I don't need any more new dolls...

D7ana said...

Blythe (shudder, eyes dart from side to side, voice very low) used to scare me. First, the big, big head. Then those eyes that rolled and changed color. Third, that peculiar hard plastic "skin" that looked like she had been tortured by having boiled water poured over her head. Then that tiny body and those tiny grasping hands. Avenging hands ... aaaahhhhhh!!!

(Shudder and recover.)

The Blythe fans will be sending me hatemail now. LOL.

Liv doll eyes are like they want to hypnotize you. Maybe force the captive collector to replace their oversized heads with normal doll heads. "Get us normal heads." (Then again, if the collector were to succumb, the Liv dolls would no longer have that eye power over them. Just be careful when you look at an actual Liv doll. Avoid eye contact. That might keep you from being sucked into buying them.

Yes, Liv dolls want to be rescued from their bighead fate. Bratz dolls ... shudder again ... need noses as well as better proportioned bodies. They are harmless; they can barely breathe, let alone hold up those huge heads. But Blythe ... Blythe is evil. The red eyes are the final clue.

(Dodging rotten fruit from the Blythe fans as I exit ....)

AilanthusAltissima said...

LOL! You probably *will* get hate mail from Blythe fans. I'd hate to be you if any catch wind of your post. If you don't post for a few weeks, we'll send a search and rescue team out to look for you.

Blythe has grown on me over the years. I really didn't "get" Blythe for a very long time and now I appreciate her in some incarnations. Not enough to purchase one of my own, though I probably will get a Blythe one day. I think Blythe does manage to get away with the big head/big eye look because she is so unusual. I think the Liv line is trying to be a big headed doll without being otherwise unusual which is a bit creepy.... a sort of cognitive dissonance...

I really do like Bratz, hyperconsumerist, peg legs and all (well, maybe not the peg leg part). I think they are appealing.

I think Liv is trying to be a niche seems somewhere in the middle of the big headed doll category - not as jaded as Bratz and not as weird as Blythe. Integrity tried to do a big headed doll once - Off the Hook (?). I never got one because they all looked a little too angry.

For me, I don't think it is the size of Liv's eyes that causes concern - it is that the stare is a bit too vacant which you described well in your post.

Good luck with your head transplants for Liv.

MissSpottyJane said...

I've been trying to fall in love with LIV dolls, but it hasn't worked out.

I think I may buy some just for the great clothes and sell the rest.

D7ana said...

Hi MissSpottyJane!

I'll definitely sell or donate the Liv heads. Too too big for those bodies. Some of the clothes are nice though. And articulated playscale bodies - oh yes. Head swapping time.