Sunday, October 10, 2010

Other Hispanic Dolls and Action Figures

Below are some non-Mattel Hispanic dolls or action figures that I own. I don't have the Selena or the Ricky Martin dolls so they are not included in this list.

BBi Perfect Body Female Action Figure
Perfect Body

BBi Male Action Figure
Sargent Mendez

Chic Boutique
Chicas a la Moda Arianna

Chic Boutique
Glamour Girl Flower Power

Get Real Girl

Get Set Club

G. I. Joe

Haschel Toys
Olga Tanon

Hot Toys
Bronze TrueType Figures

Alejandro from the Janay line

Alysa from the Janay line


Jakks Pacific
GirlForce Bianca

Jakks Pacific
Fashion Doll: Muneca de Mode Catalina

Jakks Pacific
Fashion Doll: Muneca de Mode Damita

I-Girl Rio

Play Along Ltd., Division of Jakks Pacific
Chanel of the Cheetah Girls

Play Along Ltd., Division of Jakks Pacific
Dorinda  of the Cheetah Girls

Playmates Toys Inc.
Ever Girl

R&D Dolls


Christina Aguilera

YNU Group Inc.
Mixis Rosa

Please write if you are aware of other Hispanic fashion dolls or action figures.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

nice list, I do wish that Barbie could include more colours tho.

D7ana said...

Hi "iLham!" I share that wish ;-D

I love having dolls with different races and ethnicities: makes a more interesting collection, IMHO.

AilanthusAltissima said...

Great list! I am glad that there are so many non-Mattel dolls out there that reflect Hispanic heritages. Do you have any pics of the Woolworth's Manual doll or the Lanard I-Girl Rio doll? Do any of these dolls have a specific nationality or group of origin or are they all generically "Hispanic"?

D7ana said...

Thanks, AA! Rio has two photos in my Webshots folder here. I'll do a group photo of Hispanic dolls and action figures soon and will include Rio in that photo.

Manuel was part of a three doll set from Woolworth's back in the 1970s; he and his wife and baby were a budget Sunshine Family trio. I'll check among my older dolls and post his photo here, too. (Alas, I no longer have his family or their original box.)

Paulette said...

Hi D7ana,

I'm reading through your archival posts. I'm in awe that you made over 330 posts in 2009 and I really appreciate the links to other blogs and articles that you share. Back in 2006 I bought two Hispanic Wal-mart brand clones. I didn't save the boxes so I don't know what they were called but I could email you a picture.

D7ana said...

Hi Paulette! Yes, do e-mail me the photos. My address is d7ana @ .

You can also check this past post on the Chic Boutique dolls.

If I cannot identify the dolls, would you mind if I "borrowed" the photos to ask other PhillyCollector readers? Let me know in your message.