Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Dolls Shown at Target: I Can Be a Ballroom Dancer and 2011 Swimsuit Doll

I saw these two dolls at Target: one of the new 2011 Swimsuit dolls and I Can Be a Ballroom Dancer Barbie.

Catty-critical collector comments:

The swimsuit doll does NOT need those bangs. Her forehead isn't high enough - as a bang-wearing individual, I know about that. Also, is she on a Hobbit body? Oh, no! Not them again.

Could we at least have variety regarding the Barbie hair color for these I Can Be dolls? On the plus side though, I see that Target is stocking some Black I Can Be dolls. So there will be a little bit of variety. Note: I am being good and not whining about the ever-presence of the Adria-Desiree head mold. (Picky me is getting tired of this new face already, Sigh.)


MissSpottyJane said...

You're not the only one a little tired of Desiree. I wish they would focus on making individual fashions, and less on releasing dozens of the same doll in different fashions. It's impossibly expensive to collect.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

i love target version of Red Basic Barbie...

Ms. Leo said...

Now D7ana, you know I love you but… I like this new swimsuit doll. Or at least the face! I thought the bangs were cute on her! None of the "Christie" dolls had a high forehead except (1972 – 1976- Julia head) Malibu Christie and the Live Action Christie (1971-73 Midge head). http://kattisdolls.net/faces/christie.htm Go head, Forehead!
I think they used the big feet belly button body for the doll. The troll has a smaller torso and smaller hips than the belly button big feet doll. The crotch is smaller ( V and not (---) ) and legs are closer together. You can’t fit troll pants on a belly button…I tried and ripped the pants. They are little too small. I thought the face paint was nice. I would totally buy her for the head! ! The legs probably don’t bend!!! Mattel has gotten soo cheap!

D7ana said...

Better fashions and better accessories, yes, MissSpottyJane! While I appreciate duplicates sometimes when I miss a doll here or there, it would be too expensive to collect every doll. And be less interesting, too!

"iLham," against my will, I love the Target version of Barbie - the Mackie-faced one - and the Mbili-faced one with the curly hair. And I have similar brunette Mackie-faced dolls AND similar (minus curly red hair) Mbili-faced dolls. Darn those talented face artists at Mattel (shaking fist in the air ;-D)

Aw, thanks, Ms. Leo! Nice to be appreciated ;-D. I love you, too, and your grrrreat blog, too. (Two, LOL?)

I'm glad that you like the new swimsuit doll. If we both saw one in the store, you could so have her. Isn't that great?

Thanks for the additional information about her body. I don't mind the belly button bodies with big feet. (I have big feets, too, LOL) I cannot really appreciate the hobbit/troll body though.

Mattel, cheap? Oh, no! Say it ain't soooo. (Alas, but it is. Some of the dolls and clothes today are shoddier than the old "cheap" dolls from Shillman, etc. back in the 1960s-1970s. Some? Okay, most.)

Still there are some Mattel dolls that win my heart. Sigh.

Niel Camhalla said...

Coming from a country where AA dolls are rarely sold, I think that the new AA swimsuit doll is cute and I kinda like the bangs on her. There's too little AA dolls here for me to get tired.

I can't say I love the hobbit bodies but I don't hate them either. I'm actually thinking of buying a couple for the body alone. I'm rebodying HSM girls so they can stand as tall as teen Skipper. My teen Skipper needs more friends. And the outfit can be shared with MM dolls as well.

Dlsarmywife said...

I LOVE the Ballroom Dancers outfit...did you see the Target Exclusive Holiday Barbie! Our Target had her on sale for $7.50! Doll, 2 cute outifts(1 holiday dress and boots, and the other a nighty and slippers) plus a plate of cookies, coffee mug and purse! The doll herself is meh...but the accessories made it well worth the $7.50

D7ana said...

Hi Niel and Disarmywife!

Thanks for your comments.

Niel, the Hobbit body does provide some variation in doll size so that is nice. I don't care for it much, but it's tolerable. Thanks for the info that the Hobbit body fashions can be worn by the MM dolls, too.

Disarmywife, I love the Target Exclusive Holiday Barbie's accessories. Wish I had seen her on sale. (Then again, maybe I shouldn't have, LOL. Trying not to buy, oh!)