Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Award from Sil Noemi of Me-Noemi Blog

Sil Noemi has graciously bestowed a Sunshine blog award to me. Pretty photo, isn't it?

The rules are to keep the image and to show it in your blog then pass the prize to other 12 bloggers. Now I need to share 12 blogs. Note: to avoid repetition and more generously share the sites of seduction blogs I follow when I can, the blogs listed in these Award posts will NOT be the same.

1. Barbie Collector Obsession

2. Collecting 12 inch toys

3. Creazione

4. Juliana's Toy Collecting Tips

5. Las cositas de Nury

6. Milkshake a la Mode

7. MSJ's Doll Pit

8. R&D Spotlight

9. Squarepeg's Misc Musings

10. Super cool doll house

11. The Barbie-Queue

12. Thoughts on 1:6

Thanks all! Hope these links extend your reading pleasure.

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