Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Defa Lucy Fashion Dolls (Valu-Plus Sale Continued)

Here are additional Defa Lucy fashion dolls - including the Hasbro-Jon-faced male doll with black hair in two race/ethnicities. The female doll looks like a cheap, standard Barbie clone, but the male doll is ARTICULATED! A new and cheap male poser body! In pinkish flesh and gray-brown flesh. Imagine the possibilities ...

The pink-fleshed dolls were seen at the Frankford Avenue store (across from the Frankford Terminal Station) while the gray-brown-fleshed dolls were seen at the Chelten Avenue store (in Germantown).


Alrunia said...

I have one of those articulated guys, although I got him alone in Fashion Fever clone packaging. He had the same head mold too but I swapped the head to another clone, cause mine had seriously wonky face paint.. oh and he also had flocked hair. On top of the molded on hair. It was HUGE.
:D The body is pretty cool.
I'm so jealous you get a sale like that!

Ms. Leo said...

I will have to check them out! Following your post last year I purchase the set with the redhead AA male. I just love him! I will have to work him into more posts. Maybe he need a bother with black hair?

D7ana said...

Hi Alrunia and Ms. Leo!

So this guy appears solo in a Fashion Fever type package. Interesting. I would prefer just him because he looks good quality while the Defa Lucy female looks ... well, cheap ;-)

Flocked hair on a molded hair head? Oh my. Tsk. Thanks for letting me know that Alrunia!

Oh it's great to have the sale, but I'd be happier to have sufficient funds to buy period, LOL. Eh, time.

Ms. Leo, I think your red-haired guy could use a darker-haired brother ;-D I would love to see more of your guy in more of your posts.

Cheers to posing fun!

Milan Christian said...

Hey you. Tell your friend Alrunia, I like her dolls. I don't have a flicker account.

I need your help.
Pretend to be a customer. Think of a barbie you'd like modified and pick a favorite color for clothes and hair color and a theme I'll take it from there.
You can have the doll when I'm done. I'll send it to you.
I just want to make something for someone else and I'm not ready to sell anything yet.
So be my test marketer. Okay?
You'll have to give me a review after you get the doll so I'll know what needs to be improved on or changed.
Go to the made store post and see if there's something there that you like and I'll recreated it in whatever color(s) you pick.

D7ana said...

Hi Milan!

Thanks for the tip about Alrunia's dolls on Flickr. Alrunia, thanks for all the tips!!!

I'm going to get back to you, Milan, about your idea. I LOVE it - the idea. Thanks for your details on doll portraits, too!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

they look pretty ;)