Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Takara's Chalk and Cheese Offerings: Jenny and CY Girl Ice

Could these figures be any more different?

On the left, we have gun-toting Ice of the Cy Girls. Ice has a realistic face screening.

On the right, we have a sweeter-than-usual Mitsuki, one of Jenny's friends. Mitsuki is done in the anime style.

I have been meaning to do a post on the Cy Girls I own, but for now, I refer you to an excellent guide by Rainwatercat. A similar guide by a22megaton is available for Jenny.

I'll be writing more about these since I am clearing out some of these figures.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

that mitsuki doll is adorb... ;-)p

Karina said...

I wish you a happy new year ;)

Gabi-5mates said...

Happy New Year 2011!
May all your wishes come true!!
Best wishes from Poland Gabi

AilanthusAltissima said...

I do like the play in contrasts between these dolls. What an intriguing post! Who was the intended audience for Cy Girls? Were they supposed to appeal to the same market as the Jenny line?

D7ana said...

Hi Asrul - Mitsuki's = adorable ;-D

Karina and Gabi-5mates, thanks and I wish you both happy new years. I look forward to exploring Karina's doll blog and Gabi-5mates' blog, in 2011. I love the photos I have seen so far.

Kim, the contrasts in the doll's and the action figure's styles prompted this post. The Cy Girls were intended for adults. Jenny was definitely for children first, with adult collectors as an afterthought. Then again, Jenny was once Barbie so ... LOL