Friday, October 22, 2010

Momoko and Similar-Sized Dolls

In a previous post, I uploaded photos showing the bare bodies of some larger 1:6 scale dolls and female action figures. In this post, I want to show variations in some smaller 1:6 scale dolls - the Momokos, Susies, Volks, and Azone dolls. (A comparable sized doll, Takara's Jenny, does not appear because the first Momokos, the Petworks Momokos, use the SAJ or Super Action Jenny body.) These photos show from left to right:

Petworks Momoko 2002, R&D Susie, Petworks/R&D Goth Girl Momoko 2003, Sekiguchi Momoko, Azone Reina Sarafan a la Mode, and Volks Who's That Girl? Kana.

(Note that the Sekiguchi Momoko is the shortest at around 10" tall.)

The second photo has a closer look of the dolls' different joints, etc. Of the four shown here, Kana has the prettiest and the most flexible articulation. Susie has the prettiest, most-realistic face though. Azone Reina has the fullest breasts.

These dolls can share some Barbie fashions although the later teen Skipper fashions from 2000 fit them better.


AilanthusAltissima said...

Great post. It seems that many of these have the same points of articulation in most places except the waist/upper torso area where I see a lot of diversity. In your estimation, how does the torso/waist articulation impact the movement/poseability of the doll? Which one has the best - one with a twist and turn waist or with articulation along the bust? Kana seems to have one more point of articulation than all of the others - her forearms are jointed and none of the others are.

skippercollector said...

I did a similar comparison myself. These are the past and present non-Barbie Mattel teen bodies. From left to right are 1970 Francie, 1979 SuperTeen Skipper, 1989 Teen Fun Skipper, 1993 Jazzie (which is the same as Melinda, Spectra and Starr), 1997 Teen Skipper and 2010 Jessie. Jessie is actually a much skinnier version of Francie.
I hope the link works. If not, you can try copying and pasting.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

i think momoko has a better body than barbie, but the price's kinda expensive for me

D7ana said...

Thanks, Kim! The twist and turn waist is what I grew up with, but now that I've been exposed to the upper torso twist, I can see benefits of that placement. The absence of break in the torso line looks nicer if the doll wears a cropped top or bra. The upper torso twist seems more subtle. I don't have a strong preference. Maybe a slight inclination to the upper torso twist for aesthetics.

Kana is a dream to pose. Yes, she is the only one with that additional twist to her arm.

Thanks, Skippercollector, for the link to your Skipper/young teen collection. Excellent photo. I can recognize some old favorites from the 1970s. If you wanted to update the photo, you could include the Hobbit dolls and the High School Musical ones. (I think there's some additional variety with those figures.)

Hi iLham! I like that Momoko usually has better articulation than Barbie. But Momoko is a more delicate doll. So I need to be careful with my Momokos. Oh, but I love them all, I'm that discriminating, LOL.