Saturday, January 18, 2014

Which Jamal Head Sculpts Are Staying?

Collecting sometimes means letting go of some dolls and action figures. 

Does that sound odd? It isn't. Collecting is active: there is always something bright and new that I want. And something that I have had that no longer attracts as it once did. Or maybe it never did. Maybe it was on sale. Maybe I thought I should like it. Then I wonder why I bought the figure. Or I find something else more to my current taste.

Space is another consideration. I cannot collect and collect as I did when I was younger and had a whole house that I could fill. Then there are new figures calling my name. Or maybe that is just my excuse to let go certain figures that I am now convinced would make someone else much happier. How can I be so selfish as to keep a figure someone else really needs and wants?

So, here I am going through my collection and culling some dolls and action figures to sell or trade. Today I was looking at my Mattel Jamal-faced dolls. There are seven of these dolls: 5 deboxed and 2 NRFB. Can you guess which ones I intend to keep and which ones I will be listing to sell or trade? I am sharing close up photos of their faces.

1997 Big Brother Ken AA nude 

2001 Magic Jewel Ken AA

2002 Skate Date Ken AA

2003 Cali Girl Steven

2003 Fairy Tale Prince Ken AA NRFB

2005 Beach Fun Steven NRFB


2008 Beach Party Steven nude


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I guess you are keeping the boxed ones. Are any articulated?

Georgia Girl said...

You have some really nice ones. I will be watching for your sales. I love that most of them non molded hair.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Love the Cali girl Steven. Will he be available for sale or trade? :-)

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Hola, son muy guapos, el del 2008 me gusto mas, seguro se venderan rapido, suerte, hasta pronto.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I also have several Jamal-faced dolls, but I can't currently part with any of them. I have one that hangs out on my desk at work.

I'm guess that you will keep the boxed dolls, as well as the 2008 Beach Party Steven, since he does not use the Jamal head sculpt.

Heather said...

I'm guessing you're keeping the ones with rooted hair XD

Anonymous said...

The beach party young man will go (just guessing of course :-)), and personally I definitely would keep the Cali girl sir! It's so true, a doll collection changes all the time, and that's part of the fun too! and thanks for linking to my blog, I appreciate it very much :-).

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for your comments: Black Doll Enthusiast, Georgia Girl, Cindi Mortensen, Lindaivette montes de oca, Roxanne Roxanne, Heather, and Nymphaea!

This time, Heather has the most close answer: I am keeping 3 of the rooted hair guys. They are

2001 Magic Jewel Ken AA
2002 Skate Date Ken AA
2003 Cali Girl Steven

@Black Doll Enthusiast - none of the deboxed guys are articulated, alas. The Fairytale Prince might be articulated, but I think that is wishful thinking on my part. Beach Fun has straight arms and possibly those non-bending knees.

@Georgia Girl - thanks for looking out for my sale. I hope to get my former people to good new homes ;-) And 2 of the ones for sale will have rooted hair ....

@Cindi - I love Cali Girl Steven, too, so no, he won't be up for sale. I LOVE his bigger hair and the contrast of his blue eyes against his warm brown complexion.

@Lindaivette - 2008 Beach Party Steven sonroja - él está muy contento de oír que alguien lo encuentra guapo. Él se va a la venta en breve ;-D

@Roxanne - parting will be a little sad, but sigh needs must. No, the boxed guys are going and so will 2008 Beach Party Steven. I like my Stevens; someone else though will really LOVE them ;-)

@Heather - you got a deciding factor about the go/stay equation right. Applause ;-)

@Nymphaea - yes, Beach Party is going, and yes, Cali Girl is staying. Change does make collecting fun and thrilling.

I LOVED your Vampyre and Clawdeen story so much, I HAD to share it. My pleasure doing so.

Thanks for guessing everyone ;-D

Vanessa said...

There are some really nice ones there. I only have a couple of the ones shown. Good luck with your future sale.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the positive wish, Vanessa! I think I have seen at least one of these guys on your site ;-D

Mattel did a good job providing face variety among these guys.

Muff said...

I have found two of these guys at the thrift store! Both are rooted, but one is darker than the other and one has a much bigger head than the other. I like them with rooted hair much better.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your thrift store finds, Muff! I prefer rooted hair, too. More lifelike. I also like different complexions. Beach Party 2008 is going because his head is larger than that of the others. And his knees do not bend - that's due to the plastic, not from overuse ;-)

Ms. Leo said...

I have a few head scupts myself. I only have two that I consider duplicates. They may go up for sale but not now. I only wish that there were articulated darker bodies for my older dolls. I hope you sale goes well! I putting a ton of stuff up in the next month or so. I hope people are in the market to buy!