Sunday, September 1, 2013

Denise and Kenya Now in Philly!

I checked in a Philly Walmart, and who did I see? Why, the 2013 Kenya and her best female friend Denise. Yes. Good to see them here. Well ....

The Good News

Kenya still comes in 3 complexions - light, medium and dark brown.

Denise might come in more than one complexion, too. I thought that was a nice touch. Denise has a different face mold. Her grin is more toothy than Kenya's; her face looks flatter with a lower hairline.

The Neutral News

The price difference - $10.00 for the smaller boxed dolls and $15.00 for the wider boxed dolls - seems to be based on the outfit. The skimpier fashions are lower priced; the more substantial fashions are higher price. By skimpier fashions I mean rompers and simple dresses; by more substantial fashions, I mean the pullover top and jeans shown on Rock Star Kenya shown below.

The Bad News

I did not see either of the guys or Keyshia in this Walmart store.

I am a little disappointed in the Denise doll. Both dolls' heads look super big. Some of the dolls are wonky-eyed and wild-haired.

Have the new ladies reached your area? What do you think of them?


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for sharing. Is Denise articulated?


j/a/s/o/n said...

I noticed some outfit 3-packs at Toys-r-Us yesterday. No Kenya dolls though, just the fashions. The clothes were... meh. Interesting animal prints but the quality seemed poor and they are priced the same as standard fashionista 3-packs. I'm not sure if this is news or not, since the packages seemed a bit dusty but I had never noticed them before.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for commenting, Black Doll Enthusiast and j/a/s/o/n!

@Black Doll Enthusiast - You're welcome. The lower priced Denise has limited articulation: straight arms but bending knees per LimbeDolls' findings and photos. (I have not bought any of this run of Kenyas yet.)

@j/a/s/o/n! - Thanks for mentioning the Kenya fashions. LimbeDolls wrote some interesting posts about those 3-pack fashions in 2012.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Those dolls look like they're unarticulated? I hope that doesn't mean they're getting rid of the articulated bodies entirely. I was hoping to get another Kenya at some point, but not without elbows and knees...

Phyllis said...

I saw the Denise doll, but wasn't too interested in her. But I did pick up 2 TJ dolls and a Dwayne. Once again, the heads are pretty big. I am going to try a body transplant on the extra TJ. BTW I found them at my local Meijers. They have full articulations similar to the 2nd generation Ken Fashionistas. That is elbows, wrists, knees (pivotal). The clothes are not bad and Dwayne is shorter than TJ and also has a little lighter complexion. All of the TJ's have the same darker complexion.

Muff said...

I saw some at varying prices. $9.98 and $14.97. The lack of articulation is a total turn off at those price points.

Walmart doesn't go as far down as Target does when it comes to clearance, so I hope that Target gets them too.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Interesting that Phyllis says the guys have full articulation. Others are saying they are not fully articulated and in the online image of an actual doll it did not appear the elbows and wrists were articulated. Is there more than one version of the guys, I wonder.


Ms. Leo said...

I saw the girls but no guys at Cheltenham store! I am still not a fan of dolls with a large heads. So except for purchasing them for the clothing, they are not on my list of purchases.

D7ana said...

Hi, Anderson's All-Purpose, Phyllis, Muff, Black Doll Enthusiast, and Ms. Leo!

@Anderson's All-Purpose - it's not clear yet which dolls have full articulation. My guess is that some of them have "full" articulation and others have limited articulation.

@Phyllis - thanks for letting us know about the guys' articulation. May I ask if you got the $14.97 priced dolls - if there is a distinction in the costs between say a basic male doll and a "premium" [articulated] male doll?

If you should photograph your TJ body transplant, please share the link to photos. I would love to see it, and I believe others here would as well.

Oh and thanks, Phyllis, for confirmation about the guys' different heights and different complexions.

@Muff - if I saw them on sale, I wouldn't mind snagging that red pullover and jeans outfit for some of my other dolls. Or some of the guys fashions.

And no, it has been a long time since Walmart has gone anywhere near Target's super scooper low clearance prices. I got two of my favorite G.I. Joes from Target for $3.88 EACH. Love those Target sales ;-)

@Black Doll Enthusiast - I suspect the $9.98 dolls have limited articulation while the $14.97 dolls maybe have fuller articulation. Has anyone who bought them noticed that connection?

@Ms. Leo - thanks for letting me know that the Cheltenham store doesn't have the guys. (If ever they did, they would probably have flown off the shelves; that's one doll-buying area ;-D) I went to the one on Roosevelt Boulevard. Tower Shopping Center, I think. Not the one way, way out.

I do have one Kenya. Not sure about Denise. I'm hoping that Keyshia won't have a ginormous head. I'm not crazy about big heads either. Usually try to rebody them onto better matching bodies. These might be tricky to find new bodies for ....

Anonymous said...

The commercial is on youtube

Beyonce's cousin is their spokes person

Roville said...

These dolls are sweet. I am waiting to see TJ in person. Depending on the size of his head I'd love to pick him up, even if it means a body transplant to give him more articulation.

D7ana said...

Hi Anonymous and Robin!

I had Internet connection problems last night so I couldn't access the full commercial, Anonymous. Saw it this morning - cute. I'm glad that Keyshia popped up in the video - gave me a glance of her head: I now really look forward to seeing Keyshia.

@Robin - I'm a little on the fence about Denise. If I can find a doll with a higher hairline, I might get her.

I was thinking body transplant for the guys, too. To balance their heads with their bodies ;-) I would love to see you re-bodying them.

Maddy said...

Hi it's Maddy (aka Anonymous) They are really pushing these dolls and it's great. I just wish they were more consistent in that some of the new dolls have articulated arms and some do not and it's sometimes hard to tell in the package which one you're getting.

D7ana said...

Hi Maddy! I wish there were more consistency with these dolls, too. Perhaps we should write to the company about it? Wondering ...:-)

Vanessa said...

I'm catching up on old blog posts. I was able to find the original fully articulated dolls last week at Family Dollar. They had quite a few, so I bought two at $15 each. My recently purchased Walmart $10 Kenya doll will be put up for sale, without her cute two piece outfit. I still have yet to see the guys at any of the Walmarts I checked.

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa!

Oh, yes, I know about catching up with old blog posts ;-)

Congratulations on getting 2 more articulated Kenya dolls - and the two outfits that came with them. That's a good plan to sell the Kenya doll nude (and keep the outfit).

I haven't seen either of the guys or the little sister yet either.