Sunday, June 22, 2014

Here Come the [June] Bride(s)

Here comes the Bride and yes, she's got a Groom along, too. Inspiration for this post came from an annual June wedding thread on the DollyDaily doll discussion site. Below are photos of three happy couples on their wedding day. Links to other playscale weddings follow the photos. If you have playscale wedding scenes to share, please leave your link in the comments. Who doesn't love a wedding?

Ahem ... that was a rhetorical question.

Groom: Power Team action figure borrowing the jumper from the Wedding Day Groom, 2007.
Bride: Target Special Edition Clubb Wedd Barbie (AA) wearing her original gown, 1997.

Groom: Hasbro's The Defender borrowing the tuxedo from the Wedding Day Groom, 2007.  
Bride: Malibu Christie borrowing the wedding gown of Marlena Evans, 1999.

Groom: Integrity Toys' Royal Heritage Alejandro wearing his original tuxedo, 2001. 
Bride: Integrity Toys' Royal Heritage Alysa wearing her original wedding gown, 2001.

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Remember, if there are any playscale June weddings that you want to share, let me know.  Leave the URL in the comments so that I and other readers can view them.


Muff said...

Going to the chapel... *singing*

I quite like the dress the first doll is wearing. It's kind of theatrical and I dig it.

I think the advert randomly occurs, but is part of google. I got one again and paid attention. It switched out your blog with A Word From Our Sponsor page. There was a 30 second video for Travelocity with an option to x out of the ad and an option to continue to your site. When the ad finished it converted back to you blog.

jSarie said...

I love the outfits on those Royal Heritage dolls - that dress in particular is fabulous.

But I think I love the fact that the Power Team groom is proudly wearing his gloves even more! :)

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and jSarie! Thanks for your comments.

@Muff - Mozee, the Barbie wearing that dress you admire, is pleased that you like her choice. She's happy with the dress, and of course, her groom ;-)

Thanks for letting me know more about that advert. Interesting. Maybe they thought Travelocity matched the June bride theme ... honeymoon? vacation, lol. Shrug. Guess that is payment for Blogger hosting my blog and for Google to run the ads period.

@jSarie - Alysa does wear that gown, lol.

That Power Team groom, Ronald, does seem to show off those gloves, doesn't he? They were his favorite part of his wedding ensemble. LOL. Mozee was relieved that he was able to fit into the Mattel Groom outfit.

(Alas, the jacket would not fit over those gloves. I'm not sure that his hands can snap back on so we decided to leave the gloves in tact. Sigh. One out of three pleased ain't bad.)

V. said...

Hi D7ana! Finally had some time to visit your blog (it's funny how starting to work after giving birth gives me some spare time for blogging). Love your weddings btw :) I have some wedding links in my blog too:

Carrickters said...

June is not popular for weddings here in Australia as for us, it is the middle of winter. Our most popular times are from September to March - probably times it would be getting too cold for you. However, your brides and grooms look lovely and happy - I hope they stay that way.

D7ana said...

Hi V. and Carrickters! Thanks for stopping by ;-)

@V. - congratulations on the birth of your son. What a happy event that must have been!

My favorite is your double wedding! Thanks for sharing the links here. I hope others have a chance to see your lovely weddings.


@Vanessa - parabéns pelo nascimento do seu filho. O que um evento feliz que deve ter sido!

O meu favorito é o seu casamento duplo! Obrigado por compartilhar os links aqui. Espero que os outros têm a chance de ver o seu lindo casamentos.

@Carrickters - I am always fascinated how the seasons differ by where we are. Reminds me how U.S. centric I am ;-P

We have winter weddings in the U.S. sometimes. I know a couple who married in February ... a week after Valentine's Day.

I wish the couples happiness, too. Seems a pity to have a wedding and then have the relationship fall apart. Sigh.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Such lovely June weddings. My husband initially wanted me to be a June bride, but we couldn't wait any longer and married in March instead. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Roxanne! Thanks for commenting. The couples thank you for complimenting them. Christie and Don have been married before (yes, to each other) so their wedding is more a formal renewal of vows. The third time/groom was the charm for Christie. (She had previously been married to Old Joe and Joe Johnson, lol.)

Buffy said...

You are right, who doesn't love a wedding! These are great.

D7ana said...

Hi Ro! My folks are too shy to let me take their whole wedding - lol, that's my story, and you folks don't contradict the big person. Okay, I confess: I am too lazy to do a fullblown wedding. Maybe someday? Maybe. But I can share gowns and tuxes in the mean time ;-)

Vanessa said...

Your couples are lovely. I would love to have the second groom and the third bride in my collection. Thanks for linking back to Rod and Danielle's wedding.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: You have very cute couple. Great collection. My Barbie was invited Rod and Danielle's wedding. Vanessa designed a fabulous wedding. In my country, the summer months are a favorite for weddings. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! Thanks for the compliment to the couples; they send their thanks, too.

The second groom is a Hasbro The Defender "action figure" around 1974 minus the articulation of the early G.I. Joes. I liked his face so much I used a pen to "close" his eyes and to give him a moustache years ago.

You probably can't tell by the photo, but he would need another body to make him poseable. Here is a link showing his original body in shorts. Yes, he is hollowed plastic. (Hasbro was sparing the expenses, lol. Sad.)

(BTW, I pinned him on Pinterest with info provided by a collector named Barb.

The third bride is an Integrity Alysa - not the first head mold, but not the last one. Her head is marked ©Integrity 1996. She is possibly my loveliest Alysa.

Here's a link to other Integrity Alysa dolls with that face mold, I think. I have to find them and check to see if they all have the same head markings.

The last Alysa face mold had a very pinched look, IMO.

Aw ... you're welcome about the wedding link. How could I discuss weddings without mentioning the wedding of Rod and Danielle? ;-)

D7ana said...

Hi Marta! Yes, I remember your Barbie was in the reception. Wasn't that an exciting event? I remember your Barbie taking care to dress well for the event. (It was fun to see her room ;-D)

The wedding couples thank you for the compliment.

Summer seems to be a popular time to set a wedding. Before it gets too hot or too humid ;-D