Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paris Mode Susie by RnD Dolls

I missed getting the "Sweet Freedom" Susie. I snoozed; I loozed. (Pardon the bad English.) So for compensation, I opened up one of my favorite Susies that I had kept never removed from box: RD0007 "Paris Mode" Susie from the Next Wave Collection, 2004. 

The video shows Paris Mode Susie with her light blond hair and hazel eyes and the chic green brocade suit this Susie wears. Susie is an articulated fashion doll, almost 11" tall created by Rudi Teruel and David Wu of R & D Dolls. Larraine of Barbigirl.com archives the Susie files, but that page on her site is under construction. So I'm sharing a Wayback Machine link to the original R & D Dolls site to show some of the many Susies that have been available. 

I also have the "Milan Chic" Susie doll from the same Next Wave Collection: I will debox her later this month. In PhillyCollector, you have seen Ibiza Heat Susie, L.A. Luxe Susie, San Francisco Days Susie, and Tokyo Trendy Susie removed deboxed.

Aside: the inspiration to share these photos as a YouTube video came from watching a recent video by RoxanneRoxanne of Roxanne's Dolls.


Muff said...

Ohhh, a video! I watched it full screen in HD! Thanks for sharing the photos. That green outfit was swanky and her earrings looked real.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Glad you liked seeing Susie's swanky outfit. And it is, isn't it? Thanks for watching it. I found it more fun to create and to set up than just posting the photos up.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Yay! Great job on the video! I couldn't wait to watch it, so I first watched it from my cell phone at work. I've just watched it again from my home PC full screen and I loved seeing all of the details of the doll and her stuff. I'm glad that you enjoyed the video making process, so that we'll see more videos from you. ;) Thanks for the mention!

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! Thanks for watching and for the compliments.

BTW, Susie wasn't mooning anyone in the next to last photo. She was showing how well her bodysuit was made so it covered her derriere in full.

I will definitely be doing more videos ... a director is born ....

IHime said...

I try to avoid Susie, cause they have so much charm I might fall for them heels over hear. :). I really, really try not to see how sweet they are. ;)

D7ana said...

Hi IHime!

You have not yet succumbed to Susie's charm? You are a stronger collector than I am ;-)

I should warn you, you do NOT want to see the Milan Susie. No, do not look her up. See how I am NOT enabling by NOT providing any links showing photos of Susies.

I wish you luck, but I fear for your resistance, ha ha.