Saturday, February 14, 2009

Discarding Boxes or the Unromantic Side of Collecting NRFB

Most of today, I spent discarding boxes after cutting away doll photos on some or removing accessories to be kept or to be donated/sold. Man somebody will end up with a heap of plastic doll brushes. LOL. Whew. I rather regret NOT deboxing the figures sooner. But it is good to be doing this now and separating the things I will not keep into donate or sell piles. If I can increase DAF buying funds, that would be great.

It's also been fun to see what I have. I find nice surprises, Oh, I did get that one? That sort of thing. Also experiencing a lot of, Oh, no this one looks like that one except the outfit differs. (You guess correctly if you think Fashion Fever Barbie ;-P)

Finally, this deboxing exercise is good because it allows me more room. More room to show the DAFs I have and more room for new ones to come in.

Heh heh ... the ulterior motive.


E. A said...

I hope you recycled the boxes! I myself detest twisty ties. I mean, I can use a few in my bashes, but, other than that, there are TOO MANY!

D7ana said...

I flattened the boxes for "paper trash," and if the trash collectors were processing recycling that week, the boxes would have been recycled. I confess to covering flattened boxes if the paper trash was not picked up the week before. The plastic inserts are trickier because the city does not recycle plastic so I have been re-using the clear plastic for protective shipping. (Making the plastic someone else's recycling problem, tsk.) The twisty ties are a nightmare; I don't use them to close bags so the only use I have found for them is with the clear plastic pieces to secure dolls inside a mailing box. Argh.