Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Integrity Toys Doll Photos


There are so many new dolls in the Integrity Toys 2009 line up that are screaming my name.

Nu.Face coming out in May 2009
"Old is New" Giselle
"Style Mantra" Eden
"In The Mix" Takeo

Dynamite Girls coming out in March 2009
Rufus, Sooki, Dayle -- possibly Aria and Jasper

Maybe the Fashion Royalty Basic Jordan doll ...

Oh and a new series called Integrity Toys Basic Editions -- I want the two Black dolls and the two blonde dolls coming out this June.

Sigh. Time to run through the collection and sell some older dolls.


E. A said...

I just saw the Electropop Dynamite Girls up close. I really like their mismatching clothes,b ut needs more neon if it is to truly be 1980s inspired. The Integrity Toys basics look interesting, but would it have killed them to put joints in the knees?!

D7ana said...

That the Basic dolls needed articulation like the FR and the DG, that was my first thought on seeing them. At least, they don't seem as sickly thin as the Mattel Model Muse dolls. Real knee joints are preferable to "click bend knees" writes a convert to articulate dolls. (Me ;-D)