Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kitbashing Idea

My eyes went from the High School Musical 3 Ryan and Kelsie Prom Date set to a When I Read, I Dream Heidi head that I have partially on a Teen Skipper body. The Kelsie head does look a little large on her roughly 10" body. Maybe the Heidi head can go on that body and the Kelsie head can go on the 11" Teen Skipper body. The complexion seems to match -- from where I sit.

Oh, no, it won't do. Heidi is very pale while Kelsie is pinkish. Ah ... but just as one idea bites the dust, another rises. Maybe the Queen of Hearts body could be used for Heidi -- nah. The Queen body looks bigger than I want for the Heidi head. Shrug.

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