Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Diorama Dreaming

I've been inspired by some awesome doll and action figure dioramas - mainly by these blogs: Creazione and Super Cool Doll House as well as other projects by other collectors. Now what would I do, if I were to do dioramas?

Oddly enough, I want a garage for my people. I am thinking a two or three shelf unit that could hold the various cars and other vehicles I have.

Then I would like to do a costume store at Halloween - with costumes on racks and figures trying out costumes. That would be fun for Halloween display.

I'd like a park scene, too. And a bus scene. A mall scene. A pub. A nightclub. Various rooms for specific dolls ....

But I'll need space. So I need to gather the stuff for these projects AND to make space for at least ONE scene this month. The garage would be simplest to do, but the costume shop seems more fun. Maybe I'll gather my current items for each and see which is the most do-able.

Diorama dreaming ... on a late summer's evening.


Niel Camhalla said...

"Diorama dreaming ... on a late summer's evening."

It's gonna be exciting. Of course, I'll be waiting.

I'll stop with the rhyming.

D7ana said...

I've been wanting a dollhouse since I was a little girl. Now, I'd like rooms and settings - more mobile arrangements that can be put up and packed away OR used for play AND storage. Writing it here shifts me from dreaming to taking concrete steps.

I'm excited; glad to read that you'll be waiting. I'll be gladder to have feedback and tips/suggestions ;-D

Anonymous said...

When I first read your posting I thought that your were going to rent a garge. That would be interesting! I thought that I might not want my doll far from me. Then I remember that I am a plant and a doll addict. Last year I was able to rent greenhouse space. I thought that not having my plants where I coudl see them wouldn't work but it has! I go by after work on the weekends and water and prune. I bring home what looks really good or is blooming and I return it in a few days or a week! It has allowed me to have much more space. So maybe having an off site secure place for your dolls would give you more room...but where???


D7ana said...

Oh no. I am a doll addict like you, but I could NOT have my dolls away. Seeing them, I can be comforted by them. My dolls will always live with me ;-D

My dolls and action figures have 7 cars, 2 motorcycles, 2 Vespas, and 3 bicycles. I would like to make a doll-sized garage to store those vehicles. I would probably use a plastic storage unit - a shelving unit - as my base structure.

I do need to sell more dolls and action figures and to open up boxed items. But the dolls and accessories will stay with me.

Super Cool Doll House said...

Do it! I've been toying(Ha!) with the idea of Lack tables from IKEA as a structure. They are only 8 bucks now, 16" x16" I think there would be a way to stack them and secure them... uh oh... new project for me? Good luck on yours... It's so much fun.

Niel Camhalla said...

Suggestions. Hmmm... I would say start simple and small. You have lotsa vehicles and making a garage to fit them all would be challenging. Making a smaller one to fit probably 3 may lessen the challenge. Plus this will let you rotate the wheels you can display. Changing the diorama once in a while is fun.

Amithi said...

Talking about garages... I guess this is a bit more involved than what you had in mind, but have you ever seen Joe's garage by Mick? I think I saw you post on MWD, so you might already know Mick's (aka Dunedin) current project, the Subura. But his other dioramas are really worth a look, too.

I do a lot of display work and although I love to do something specifically for a figure or a scene (I'm a storyteller at heart), I find with limited space the more non-descriptive, flexible displays work better. You could change the whole feel with just a few accessories or a change of furniture. Might be worth considering.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the encouraging words and suggestions, Mark, Niel, and Amithi!

The IKEA Lack table project sounds fun, Mark. You would find a way to connect them; I have faith in your creative prowess. I have yet to get the IKEA grass mat to use for a lawn, but I LOVE that idea.

Starting simple is excellent advice, Niel. I've had ideas in the past, but the ideas and my expectations were so elaborate, I never got around to doing them.

Oh my, Mick's work is breathtaking. The realism ... I could imagine walking into his garage. While I post at MWD, I appreciate your reminder of his work, Amithi. I recall clicking a link to Mick's Lupanarium. Amazing. Good to aspire to such striking work. I don't expect to become a maestro like him overnight, but working towards the best results never hurt anyone.

I have a doll room now, but I share the space with two box turtles and a cat. My computer is also in the same room. And I need storage space for dolls, action figures, and other accessories. So flexible diorama arrangements matter. I will want/need to change things. That's a great suggestion to change displays by changing accessories. That would allow for more character stories than if I devoted space to only one or two families.