Sunday, December 23, 2012

Issues in Playscale: Do You *Buy* 1:6 Politicians?

Election 2012 is over. Done. But maybe someone out there would like to relive or replay the event ... in playscale. Or you might want some other political figures brought to your playscale world. Guess what? There are playscale action figures for you to do so. You'll need to get online to buy them, but they are available.

You can go humorous with Herobuilders or serious with Dragon in Dreams, Hot Toys, Hasbro, or That's My Face. Me, I vouch for Dragon in Dreams' President Obama. Would I have preferred the Hot Toys Obama figure? Yes, according to DBG's post comparing the two figures. Here's a list of some politicans and pundits available:

President Barack Obama (Dragon in Dreams, Hot Toys or Herobuilders)

Governor Mitt Romney (That's My Face)

Ron Paul (That’s My Face)

Eric Holder (That’s My Face)

The cost for Mr. Holder is $99.00 for his customized head mounted on a 12" action figure body with your choice of outfits: military brown, Indiana Jones, business suit, or casual wear of jeans and a tee shirt. Colin Powell (Hasbro)

Herman McCain (

Prince William (Herobuilders or That's My Face)

Kate Middleton (That’s My Face)

So far, I only have Dragon in Dreams' President Obama. Space and funds permitting, I would get several of the others, just to have new faces in my collection. Space and funds NOT permitting at this time though ... so the others go on my Someday List.

What do you think of them? Do any of you have any of them? Would you add them to your collection?


pattidolls said...

I do have some presidential dolls from a company no longer in business called Talking Presidents. There was another one that sold them to but name escapes me. Think you can still find them on ebay. I have Bill Clinton, both Bushes, Hillary Clinton, JFK, Ronald Reagan and Jackie Kennedy. The men were spot on in likeness but the women, not so much.

Vanessa said...

Good looking out. They have some really nice sculpts. The Mitt was done really well. My favorite is Eric Holder. I have President Obama from Hot Toys. It is well done. I also have the Donald Trump figure. He's not a politician, but there are times he thinks so.

Miss_Lola_77 said...

I have the Hot Toys True type Obama. I found the head online cheap so I did some modification to fit on an action figure body that I already had. I like him.

Muff said...

I don't have any political dolls. I'm not sure I'd want one. The fantasy factor would be missing for me with a figure like that. I feel differently about entertainers. They engage in fantasy so it's easier to step outside of a set mold with them or I can be happy remaining within it too. I'm still sorry that the Kardashian dolls didn't make it to production.

D7ana said...

Hi Pattidolls, Vanessa, Miss_Lola_77, and Muff!

I remember Talking Presidents, Pattidolls! Their female figures were hideous; I used to think that they had NO respect for female politicians. Shrug.

Vanessa, I too like the Eric Holder figure best. (He sooo cute ;-D) Wish I could get him now. I wonder if the action figure looks that good in real life. I have never bought from that company ....

I LOVE my Hot Toys guys. Sigh. I would like the Hot Toys Obama, but since I do have the DiD one, I can put him on my backup want list. (Yes, I have a backup want list for figures that aren't MUST HAVEs.)

I had the Donald Trump doll, but he went back to the person who got him for me. I had been using his suit for other figures and that person felt that the Donald was worth more than that, lol. Hard to pontificate when you're nude, lol.

Congratulations, Miss_Lola_77, on finding a HT Obama head online reasonable. Always good to get a bargain.

I understand what you mean, Muff. While I don't mind political dolls, I don't feel as comfy with religious dolls as with "regular" dolls. And some political figures, I would not want around because they are too charged.

I miss that the Kardashian dolls didn't make it, too. I was looking forward to at least one plumper body type. Sigh. I have no interest in their doings otherwise, but the dolls would have been neat.

Charles said...

I have 3 versions of President Obama…. The DiD version, the Hot Toys version, and a custom I made with a head I purchased on eBay from “Wantedyou” custom heads.
The DiD figure is the one looking least like the POTUS, but it came with all of the REALLY nice accessories. The custom from Wantedyou looks more like him, is smiling, but is still a bit off. The Hot Toys version is spot on. The latter two are wearing suits from online sources, but I wish I could find an auction for a couple of DiD suits with the US flag lapel pin to outfit them.

To compliment him, I also have a That’s My Face Michelle Obama head that I mounted on a Jakks Charlie’s Angels doll whose skin I dyed brown and completed with a wig from Monique.

I also have Presidents Clinton, and Reagan from Toy Presidents, and Carter and Bush 1 & 2 from Talking Presidents. Planning to get Nixon from Talking Presidents as well.

Next project is to finish the 1/6 scale “Resolute desk” I have been working on… off and on for the past 3 years!

D7ana said...

Hi Charles and thanks! Do you have a link showing your dolls and action figures? I would love to see your customized Michelle Obama. And the other political figures, too.

And when the resolute desk is done, imagine how satisfied and proud you will feel. Sending you my best wishes and positive rays towards its completion ;-D

Charles said...,,,

Charles R said...

D7ana.... I have mostly completed the Resolute Desk and have posted picks of it and my plastic Presidents to my Flickr account. If you want, please feel free to post links. I am axer111 on flickr.

Charles R said...

D7ana said...

Thanks, Charles, for sharing your photo links. I've created a short post to your Flickr photostream.

D7ana said...

PS. Charles ... that Resolution Desk is awesome.