Sunday, August 18, 2013

New So in Style Grace and Trichelle Big and Little Sister Sets

Last time, the So in Style sister sets were of Grace and Courtney playing tennis and of Kara and Kianna skating. This time we have Grace and Courtney having Hair Fun and Trichelle and Janessa adopt a pet. (Not what I would call parallel activities, but to each her own.)

So anything new about them? Aside from the much-desired articulation (yes, yes!)? Well, I think Trichelle looks a few shades darker than she was. And her eyes don't look the same to me ... perhaps because they are centered instead of to the side?

I like the poser bodies although I wish the little sisters were more articulated.

Anyone buying these dolls? I am not sure if I want these sets. (The clothes color seems garish.)


Georgia Girl said...

I saw them at Target yesterday. I noticed that Trichelle is darker too. I really liked Grace's makeup.

Lindaivette38 said...

Es una gran noticia, ojala vea unas asi por aca. Hasta luego.

Muff said...

Is there an actual chair in the box with Trichelle or is it just a photo of a chair?

I have not seen these yet, but I passed on the previous two version and probably will on these as well.

Other than being articulated they aren't doing anything for me. Okay, I'll be real. I'm not paying no $18.99! That's just too much.

Unknown said...

I am really diapointed at mattel and they just forget about these beautiful black girls that are sis so in style and it makes me mad because we need more dolls like this and when i go to stores and see there 8 and 7my dollars i just dont like it

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl, lindaivette montes de oca, Muff, and Mattel Ford!

@Georgia Girl - I like Grace's makeup, too. She looks a little darker, too, in this other photo.

@lindaivette - Espero que algunos llegarán! Me alegro de que te gusten. Gracias por visitarnos.

@Muff - that's a nice photo of a chair in that package. Sigh. The chair could have contributed to making the cost almost do-able.

@Mattel Ford - that the little sisters lack better articulation makes me think that they are after-thoughts, "people" accessories. Then again, if the little sisters were articulated, the price would really pop ;-P

MissSpottyJane said...

I like the dolls, but the clothes make them a pass for me. The faces are nice, but they're just too expensive to have clothes like that.

Alan said...

Poor lil' sis. No articulation for you. :(
I usually don't like 'normal' dolls but this line is really cute.

D7ana said...

Hi MissSpottyJane and Alan!

@MissSpottyJane - Of the two, I prefer Grace's face of this set. But her outfit ... do people really wear short shorts that often, lol? I'm crossing my fingers to find them at a reduced price. Right ....

@Alan - I agree ... poor lil sis. Imagine the fun she could have were she articulated, too. Tsk.

Carrickters said...

I don't think Mattel have ever released small dolls that are articulated - maybe it is too difficult and as you say, would put the price up too much. Pity. These look like pretty sets though they I doubt they will be available here. We don't seem to get the SIS line.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! No, they don't seem to have done full articulation for the small dolls. The little Kellys/Chelseas that have bend knees tend to have been seated permanently. Shame.

Wish you could get these dolls there.