Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Monster High Guy - Swim Class Holt Hyde

There is a new guy in the Monster High Swim Class line. Yes, Holt Hyde joins the Swim Class members. Blue-skinned Holt originally wore a red jacket a la Michael Jackson and black-purple striped boot cut jeans; for the Swim Class, he wears an orange flame-themed tank and long shorts.

So for Monster High fans seeking a new MH male figure, there is a 2nd Holt Hyde. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I had not seen before this doll. Holt’s swimming outfit is absolutely fantastic. Keep in touch

Muff said...

The site must be down right now because I cant access the link or their main page so I'll have to check him out later.

I really like these dolls and I REALLY dislike that they are so expensive. If they were more reasonably priced I would have a whole lot more of them. I want a Cleo so bad and the most perfect one ever is in a lab set with Ghoulia that's like $30 dollars. C'mon! I know that's just $15 per doll, but that's still a lot of money. Being cheap is a pain in my butt.

Lindaivette38 said...

Hola, son muy guapos, esperemos bajen de precio, y adquirir alguno, hasta pronto.

Muff said...

Okay, the link is working now, but OMG how did that doll go from $24 at Justice to $61.20 at Amazon?! That's just ridiculous! These people must be on crack! Whoo, I need to calm down because I'm about to curse.

D7ana said...

Hi Marta, Muff, and Lindaivette montes de oca!

@Marta - yes, this is a second version of Hyde Holt. The swim trunks are cute ... I like the flame design.

@Muff - Amazon tends to have obscene prices for new MH dolls (and sometimes for Barbies, too). I like them as an online reference, but unless they have a sale going or I cannot get the doll by any other means, I wouldn't choose them for doll shopping. Nothing against their vendors, etc. But the retail prices on certain dolls is enough; Amazon vendors sometimes over-price stuff they think will move quickly. You aren't being cheap - the prices are - sometimes - ridiculous.

To get that Cleo you want, you could swap stuff - the Cleo + lab for some repainted doll furnishings. Or rebodied used dolls. With your skills, you could own as many MH as pleased you - room permitting.

@lindaivette montes de oca - Sí, él es lindo. No sé si las muñecas Monster High salgan a la venta a menudo. Los mejores deseos de que lo encontrará en un buen precio. Hasta pronto.

Carrickters said...

He is a very cute doll but I agree with Muff. $61.20for a MH doll is a lot of money - they are obviously assuming that this is for the collector's market.