Friday, July 17, 2009

New Blog About Asian and Other Fashion Dolls

Rudi Teruel of R&D Dolls has a new blog called R&D Spotlight showing updates and photos of new Asian and other fashion dolls like Susie, Momoko, Jenny, Fashion Royalty, etc.

A new source for doll news and photos ... ah.


wtsrudi said...

WOW... Thanks for the PLUG... Much Appreciated.... you ahve a very COOL & INFORMATIVER blog....

D7ana said...

You are welcome! Stop by whenever ;-D

I was pleased to see that you and David have the doll update blog. Yay! I can't get that Girl of the Moment Veronique now, but somebody should have her.

I love the new Susie, too. Sigh ... someday.

Thanks for visiting! Best of luck to R&D as always!