Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Playscale Girl - Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place

Walmart, Roosevelt Boulevard

At last ... a NEW fashion doll. Mattel Disney offers Alex Russo the wizard-in-training heroine from the Disney Channel show, The Wizards of Waverly Place. Alex seems to have a High School Musical sized body; she was next to HSM Sharpay in the store, and they seemed "in scale." The likeness to the actress who plays Alex - Selena Gomez - is slight. Seeing the doll and the photo, I thought, oh, that's who the doll is. Hmm. She might have the same head mold as HSM Gabrielle only with a paler complexion. (I'd have to have both dolls together so that I could scrutinize - i.e., stare back and forth between the two, possibly do a little measuring, etc. Okay, I'm joking about the measuring bit.)

Cute doll and yes, one to add to my Want List. Cost? Single doll $14.99 USD. Make that on my Want-but-can-Wait List LOL. The rainbow top is cute as are the tan pants, but for $15, she needs to have more than a cute face and a moderately cute outfit. Shrug. Then again, I thought that about the 10" Mattel Harry Potter Hermione and who's crying now? (Not the doll ... me.)

Still she's new. I took a photo of her in the rainbow top outfit; she comes in another outfit as well, but this photo looks clearer.

The ASMzine Toyfair 2009 Alex doll looks Polly Pocket-sized. Shrug. Perhaps Mattel issued two doll sets? There seems to be a third 10" Mattel doll issued with two different outfits at Atamaii for $24.95 BEFORE postage.

Maybe $15 is not so bad after all.

This Wizards on YouTube link is the only other reference I can find online at this time.

Please note: I do not have cable tv nor am I familiar with this tv show other than what I read in the doll links. I collect dolls and action figures, regardless of the backstory attributed by the manufacturers.

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