Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009 Independence Day, USA

Happy Independence Day!

Taboo took some photos of the morning fun.

Kat Listens to the Guitarist

Vinnie Barbeques while Nakia and Other Guests Play Basketball

Other Guests Stretch before Swimming or Chat with Kat


Dolls of Color said...

looks like your little people are having a fun relaxing time :)

D7ana said...

Yes, they did ;-D

Thanks for stopping by!

Niel Camhalla said...

These photos are fun. I specially like the basketball scene.

(Belated) Happy Independence Day. ^_^

D7ana said...

Thanks for the holiday wish, Niel!

The basketball scene is my favorite, too. Kevin - the blond guy - is stiff-armed, but he looks good in the photo. And he stood the whole time. Nakia and Go Victory Momoko were more difficult to keep up. On the other hand, they bent at the elbows and the knees so they had more range. The basketball hoop came with Nakia, Get Real Girl.