Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three New Dolls: Celebrate Disco and S.i.S. Kara & Kianna

I saw the S.i.S. dolls in the Cottman Avenue Toys R Us. They had two Grace & Courtney sets and one each of the others. I looked at Grace, but between the hot pants and the frosted lipstick, I realized, I could hold off on getting her. Trichelle & Janessa, I could also hold on getting because Trichelle reminds me a lot of the first Raven doll (I have) and she has red-red threads running through her black curls. Kara won because her red-brown hair, warm brown complexion, and medium brown eyes differed from the other dolls in my collection. Photos below:

Back of the box ... when they show graphics here, I like to see them.

And a gift from my Mom:


Dolls of Color said...

I envy you... so much

lol j/k sorta *shifty eyes*

can't wait to see more pics of the,!

D7ana said...

Aw, you're just thinking about the dolls ;-D

If the S.i.S. dolls aren't available where you are at, write me at d7cooper @ and we can see about getting you the ones you want. I hate to think of any collector wanting available dolls and NOT getting them.

I have to find a better outfit for her. While the denim mini is better IMHO than the hot pants of Grace, I don't think the colors are the best for her (Kara).

ModernWizard said...

Those SiS dolls are cute. I've just now formed an appreciation of the Kelly dolls, and I even like the included Kelly face paint and outfit!

D7ana said...

I like Kara and the kiddies. Most Kelly dolls trigger "adorable" comments and cooing sounds from me. They have such tiny, starfish hands and such happy, babyish faces. The S.i.S. Kellys have the bigger heads and taller, thinner bodies. Maybe a leetle bit older. Still cute though.