Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Mattel Variations on Asha Head

I want to illustrate the differences Mattel has created in dolls with the same head mold. Below are three dolls with the Asha head mold. The head mold received that name because it was first used with the Asha doll in the Shani series back in 1991. Aside from the Big Head Syndrome of the doll in the middle, the dolls have similar features, but the dolls look different enough for me to consider each a separate, buyable doll.

From left to right, the dolls are Cali Girl Christie (2003), Cali Girl Christie (2004), and Harley Davidson Barbie (2000).

Differences include

Complexions/make up colors

Hair length

Hair style

Hair texture

Mattel Ethnic Dolls using Asha Head Mold (and BHS Asha Head Mold)

Cali Girl Christies (2003 and 2004, left to right)

Harley-Davidson Barbie with microbraids


Niel said...

I like her. I have one I plan to make into another Filipino doll. I haven't started because I'm having problems sourcing a specific type of weaved fabric. I thought it would be easy since the fabrics are locally manufactured but the human scale fabric are too thick.

D7ana said...

I have an Odd Job action figure who reminds me of a heavier version of my favorite uncle. I've re-classified his ethnicity to Black in my DAF community. As collector-creators, we have the power to do that.

I am guessing - please correct my error if I am wrong - that you intend the second Cali Christie to become a Filipino doll? I just LOVE her hair - it's so soft coarse and such a pretty color. I look forward to seeing your repaint of her and how you redress her.

Niel said...

I dunno if mine is Cali Christie (I'm bad at ID'ing dolls ^_^) but yes I plan to dress her up like a Filipino.

Dolls of Color said...

we get to play gods with dolls! weeee! in a way it's a bit depressing... I re-classify a lot of Hispanic and Native American dolls as Asian because there aren't enough Asian dolls to choose from :( my main avatars are Monte Carlo On Location doll and Navajo Princess doll - I've made them turn Asian hehehe

D7ana said...

Mmmm ... God of Dolls. Yes, I suppose. I had considered myself the Director because sometimes it seems that the dolls and action figures could have "minds" of their own. While I was there, they acted the roles I gave them. When I left, who's to say what they did?

Hark, there goes the Twilight Zone theme ... ;-D