Thursday, June 18, 2009

S.i.S. Update on Dolls of Color Blog!

There are photos and a post about the new Mattel series, S.i.S. or Sisters in Style, on the Dolls of Color blog. There is a follow-up post as well as several comments.

The dolls look cute. The outfits look okay - I'm not crazy about short shorts, but the dolls look cute. If I can find facial screenings that I like, I'll get all three.

If I want really new Black or other ethnic doll faces though, I'll check the YNU Group for new Mixis dolls. Or investigate new doll or action figure companies. About half of my collection is produced by Mattel - so I am NOT dismissing them or the dolls they produce. As an established company though, they have default face molds and default shapes for their dolls. An established company will not veer far from those faces and those shapes that have won it business before and that generated its recognizable brand. Add to that a long-time collector of Mattel dolls, and you can see how a company's biggest fan or fans, can feel a leetle disappointed in the new offerings. Just a little. That's part of being a long-time fan though.

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