Friday, January 29, 2010

Paper or Pixel? What is Your DAF Information Preference?

A mini mountain of books, magazines, mooks, and figures tumbled from my IKEA Billy bookcase. Let's not mention what came from my mouth. Tsk. As I scrambled to pick up the surprisingly heavy stuff, I wondered: do I really need all of this? Aren't there enough online references available? Of course, I answered myself. My paper stuff is almost as important as my figures. Maybe a few items were no longer necessary, but mostly, oh, yes. Had to have my books. And magazines. And mooks - "mooks" being those fascinating Japanese magazine-book hybrids chock full of doll reviews and sewing and diorama projects.

Not that I dismiss online reference sites. I use them, too. But ... I can't curl up with my desktop computer the way I can with a book. And if the electricity fails - as long as I have a light source, I can read or browse a book. My eyes last better reading a book than they do reading a monitor screen. Books feel more intimate than the computer.

On the other hand, computers allow for faster searches. Computers allow for wider searches and serendipitous findings. Such a find as my discovering the Mixis while seeking information about the Rebelde dolls, that would not as likely happen with books. So I wouldn't want to give up my online references either.

Best of both worlds? Use them both. And microfiche when necessary for out of date references.

And speaking of books, what kinds do you have about dolls and/or action figures? I categorize mine as identification reference, identification reference WITH price guides, craft books (aka "how to"), social commentary, or combination books.

Is there a preference for one medium over the other? I'll post a poll so that we can see.


AilanthusAltissima said...

Great post! I don't have all that much paper ephemera compared to the number of dolls (which I have never actually counted out of fear of coming to terms with my collecting 'problem'). I have old issues of doll fashion doll magazines and I do have a small collection of manufacturers' flyers (which seem to increase in value over time).

In terms of computer files, it is hard to quantify. I have pics of many of my dolls and I have downloaded interesting doll pictures off of the internet for years. The computer images saved on my hard drives take up the least amount of space given the amount of information that they hold. I can continue to adding to the stash of digital images on my drive forever. I tend to download images that I really like because you never know how long an image will be on the internet...

D7ana said...

Oh, I didn't even think about the photos that I downloaded over the years ;-} Lot more pixels than I thought.

But the paper stuff ... mounds of it. Books, magazines, and mooks as I mention. Manufacturers' booklets, instruction sheets, dealer brochures and sales catalogs, posters, etc.

Ain't we got fun?

Audrey D. said...

I voted for both. But what's a mook and where do I find one? I don't think I've ever seen one of those.

smidge girl said...

I need both. I love my blogs, forums, shopping, google, and flicker, but while it's wonderful to have all that at my fingertips, I need to be able to have it in my hands, too. Like you said, you can't curl up with a computer. I can drag my books and magazines all over the house, read them at my leisure, flip through them while I do other things, I just like to touch what I'm reading, for the most part. And honestly, I just enjoy looking at them all lined up, knowing they're there whenever I want them. Great post! I'd love to see your paper collection!

D7ana said...

Audrey, if you enjoy doll crafts and sewing for dolls, prepare yourself for a treat.

First, the term "mooks" has several meanings. The definition I mean is shown in use here. Mooks are magazine/soft bound books written in Japanese language and featuring fashion dolls, crafts related to fashion dolls including doll clothes patterns and doll-sized furniture.

Mook titles include

Dolly Dolly
Dolly Style

You could try getting these mooks from your local bookstore. The bookstore might carry them already or be willing to place a special order for you if you did not want to order them from HobbyLinkJapan or HobbySearch