Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mass Blogger Interview

Ms. Leo submitted an invitation to doll bloggers to answer interview questions. Here is my response. Thanks, Ms. Leo for sharing your interview questions.

When did you start collecting dolls?

I started collecting when I was 16. I had been "playing with dolls" for years. Didn't want to "give it up" so I switched verbs to appease the critics. "Collecting" was okay; "playing" was not. The production of the Barbie book by Sibyl de Wein and Joan Ashabraner gave "collecting" Barbies a little more respectability. Then I found relevant magazines like Doll World, Doll Reader and mailed newsletters from Dori O'Melia in Arizona and Ruth Cronk in New York. More people, more credibility.

What was your first purchase as a collector?

I don't recall. I did not mark it. Using the word "collecting" was more a way for me to continue what I loved doing - i.e., buying dolls and action figures, telling stories, making clothes, and entertaining myself and others.

How many dolls do you own?

I no longer know. Between selling some and creating hybrids, my "count" per my Excel spreadsheets is off. Maybe 200 Barbie and 300 others?

What is your favorite doll and why?

I no longer have a single favorite. I love most of the ones I still have.

What doll or dolls are not your favorites and why?

Antique dolls ... because they are breakable and musty. Bratz because of their big heads and no noses. The bigger Blythes because they have shiny faces and over-sized heads. Those nearly transparent cheap dolls because it pains me that someone wasted plastic on them.

What is the biggest challenge about collecting dolls?

Stopping them from overrunning the apartment. Selling ones I no longer want.

How do you display or store your dolls?

Both at different times. I might display dolls in a scene around holidays. I store clothes in plastic boxes, accessories in Fashion Fever tubes, plastic boxes that held wipes, and compartmentalized trays. Inactive dolls and action figures might return to their original boxes, if I like the box design (art). Loose dolls might pile up. (Grimace - not proud of that; something I have to clear up.)

Have you ever been to a doll show?

Yes. I went to the Barbie Convention when it was here in Philly. I have gone to the International Black Doll Show and Sale here. I'd love to go to an Integrity doll show. Someday.

When you travel, do you look for dolls?


What is your latest purchase?

A third StarDoll.

What doll is on your wish list now?

Doll as in singular? There are several ... so many I want, but limiting to one ... one of the new Mixis dolls, either Melissa or Bryanna.

What do you wish you didn’t purchase?

Can't say ... no, rather, none. There are some I am selling now because in my current collection, some are near duplicates. But I didn't see that at the time that I bought them.

What is your favorite doll related item?

Odd accessories like the Ladies Mission doctor equipment, Smartees Amanda's architecture tools, action figure pipe - oh, and vehicles like cars, bikes, 'cycles.

How often do you photo your dolls and what doll is the most photographed and/or photogenic?

At least once a week. I don't think I have any one doll or figure photographed more than others. But I might not have noticed if I do.

Do you talk to other collectors in person or just on the web?

Usually and mostly, I talk on the web.

If you had the chance to speak to Mattel or other toy makers, what would you say?

To ALL doll and action figure manufacturers, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP stapling those horrible plastic tags into the figures' heads to bind them to the box! And please don't staple the clothes down, either. Makes holes when legitimate buyers try to separate the fashions from the box.

To Mattel, thanks for NOT articulating your dolls. Good for the economy. You make room for other companies to gain when we collector-enthusiasts BUY those other figures for replacement bodies. Most companies would prefer to hog all the money to themselves, but no, you WANT us to seek poser bodies elsewhere. Spread the wealth, indeed.

To various action figure manufacturers, please make smaller hands for your female figures. They don't have to be itty bitty baby hands. But the over-sized hands are frustrating to dress, etc.

What doll do you wish would be reissued?

Integrity Toys' Janay, Alysa, Jade, and others. Jakks Pacific's G.I.R.L. Force.

What two dolls would you combine and how would you want them combined?(Muff style question)

YNU Group's Mixis dolls and bbi-Takara CY Girls only with FEET and NO boot-sleeves. Jakks Pacific's G.I.R.L. Force and Liv dolls. I'd fuse the build of the Mixis and/or G.I.R.L. Force with the articulation of the CY Girls and the Liv dolls.

Thanks again for this post idea.


Muff said...

LOL, your letter to Mattel made me giggle! For all my laments about unarticulated dolls I do enjoy a good hybrid customization.

Nice to read more about you!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Thanks for stopping by! Most of the times, I adore Mattel - just not so much when I grind my teeth about some action or inaction on their part. But that doesn't happen often, does it? (Um that was rhetorical ;-D)

And yes, creating just the right hybrid, well, that is priceless. So thumbs up to Mattel - and no, NO thumbs UP Mattel. Tsk. ;-D

Georgia Girl said...

Great getting to know you better D7ana. I am in the process of selling my duplicate dolls. I plan to actually count my dolls...I am real curious as to the count.

Carrickters said...

I forgot about those horrible plastic tags when I answered that question, you're absolutely right - get rid of them. I enjoyed reading your reponses and thank you for your links about the Star Doll and Mixis. As they are not on the shelves in Australia, I was wondering what they were like.

Heather said...

Awful little plastic tags are a great point to bring up. I have ALWAYS hated the ones in the back of the head, and the ones in the clothes that actually punch holes in the fabric big enough to tear it... those just make me angry.

Very, very excellent points!

Please stop by and check out my answers as well!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I enjoyed reading your answers. I see you have a large collection of Barbies. I also really like Stardolls. Keep in touch.

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Dana,
I love reading your post! I agree about the staples to the hair and the clothing. I don't like those plastic things sewn into the hair either. I've notice 8 or 9 babies missing from the box of mother and baby in Philly. They might want to look at that!

Mattel needs motivation for action. They are off their game because there is no one that they are going up against right now. They need a puck to the head!

I do think I would rather have the doll with the body I want when I buy it. But that's just me. I'm broke like that. ;D

Thanks for your post!
Ms. Leo

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl! Yes, it is fun to get to know each other through our responses. Good luck selling your duplicates.

Hi Carrickters Those @#$%^& plastic tags in the head are soooo annoying. I hope the Star Dolls reach Australia soon; Mixis dolls are mostly sold online. There are a few toy boutique stores that sell them. I love the Mixis for their size and for their different faces.

Hi Heather! Thanks for the link to your website. I enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your beautiful photographs. I left a few comments ;-D

Hi Marta! Glad that you like the Star Dolls; hope that they reach Spain soon ;-D

Hi Ms. Leo! Thanks for initiating this fun blog run. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

I agree: Mattel can do what they please because they are the "It" company.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Dana, I've really enjoyed reading your answers. I agree about the antique dolls, also. Plus, you're not supposed to "play" with antiques, and I like to handle my dolls. I try not to purchase many items that are just for display. I like your ideas for doll combinations also.