Monday, May 28, 2012

International Black Doll Show 2012, Pt. 1

For readers interested in seeing my photos from the International Black Doll Show 2012 this past Saturday, please check my Webshots folder, 2012 Black Doll Show. Thanks - in advance - for visiting.


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Dana! Did you purchase anything for yourself?

Muff said...

There were a lot of older dolls from my era! Mr. T, Run DMC, Dennis Rodman, etc. Could you tell if they were more expensive or were they bargins?

Were you there as a vendor or buying?

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of the doll show. I was very happy to see the black Sindy. One of my friends grew up in the Bahamas where white Sindys were the only fashion dolls available. I never liked Sindy because of her over-sized head but she had great furniture!

Buffy said...

A feast for the eyes. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on the adidas fig. Never seen him before. But Mr. T was a blast from the past.

What did you buy? ;D

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for your comments, Roxanne, Muff, and Limbe Dolls.

I am glad to share the photos: just wish I had taken more. Ms. Leo was there earlier and she has some different photos on her blog.

Alas, I didn't get anything myself this time, Roxanne.

I didn't notice the prices, but I think that the African Legends Tarik was $30-40. The vendor, Linda Hayes, was giving $5.00 off for young collectors and making other deals so some of the prices were negotiable. Her e-mail address is; let her know that you were sent by Dana of PhillyCollector. Perhaps she will give you a "deal."

The Black Sindy - Gayle - was one of the dolls that tempted me. I wasn't a big Sindy fan either - because of her big head. But I LOVED her 1978 furniture - it was the opposite of Barbie's sheer modular. I tried to nab as much of it as I could. I'll have to unearth those pieces and share them here someday ;-D. Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, I was there to look and to report more than anything. Tables cost $700.00 or so, I think.

D7ana said...

Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by ;-D

The Addidas figure was Kobe Bryant - Linda told me. I think she didn't think it looked like him, but I thought it did. A little darker maybe and with the mouth more exaggerated, but the manufacturer was working in 1:6 scale and sometimes subtlety is hard to do for that size. Shrug.

Alas, I did not buy anything. So I was really good or really pathetic, lol.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks so much D7ana for sharing this wonderful picture recap of the 23rd International Black Doll Show and Sale. It appears that it was indeed a "Treasury of Dolls," as indicated on the postcard I received announcing the show. I also appreciate the photo titles, which are always very helpful.

I enjoyed seeing dolls from Linda Hayes's table. Her offerings never disappoint. She usually has something to please every collector's taste.

I am also glad that you are continuing to support Barbara's annual black doll show efforts. If I lived in or near Philly, I would be there annually, too!


D7ana said...

You are welcome, Debbie! Glad that you appreciate seeing the photos. I post them on Webshots because that is a quicker way for interested people to *access* the photos directly.

I wish you could have been there, too ;-D.

I try not to repeat the same photos as last year - that is easy with Linda's stuff because her display are new each year. (She has antique items and collectibles spread among her modern things.) I'll have a list of the doll artists and vendors up soon.

Georgia Girl said...

Oooh I wish I could have gone. They had dolls I have never seen or heard of. Thanks D7ana for all of the nice pics!

Hugs said...


D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, GeorgiaGirl and Hugs!