Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fashion Fever Barbie and Friends for Sale

Below are photos of the Fashion Fever dolls I am selling. Surprisingly, most of them are blond Barbies. (Joke - smile.) The text below includes the doll name, model, wave, outfit description, and price - not including postage. Minimum order $30.00. No returns.

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave B 27084 20896
Black pinstripe jacket, turquoise-silver knit top, faded jeans with magenta top stitching. $10.00

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me 27084 34555 H0644
Pink-taupe-white-black print shirt; tan miniskirt; black suede belt; denim sparkled cap; dusty pink wedge-heeled boots. $15.00

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 33808
Gray-taupe-pink tweed on white jacket; white name midriff tee; navy jeans w. pink floral applique on left thigh; pink boots. $10.00

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 29702 H0644 J1326
Purple spangly top; pinstriped faded jeans w. floral cornucopia on upper left leg; silver chain belt w. heart lock; silver dagger earrings; purple sheer w. iridescent sprinkle plastic handbag; purple platform sandals. $10.00

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave V 27084 29737 H0644
Peachy pink mini dress w. purple trim at hem; painted on purple-lime-pink necklace painted on doll's chest and back; bronze plastic handbag; bronze spike heels. $10.00

Barbie Fashion Fever Holiday 27084 40589 K0841
Red net over silver dress; silver fox "fur"; red platform heeled sandals; tiny red plastic bag. $20.00

Barbie Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44745
Tiered pink knit mini dress; white purse. $10.00

Barbie Fashion Fever 2007 line 27084 48621
Black bolero jacket w. puff sleeves; pink w. black dots blouse; black capris w. pink polka dots; pink flats w. black polka dots. $10.00

Drew Fashion Fever Wave V 27084 29740 J1413 0900BHL
Peach fun fur jacket; black pleather w. lace overlay and black fur hem mini skirt; black plastic knee boots. $25.00

Kayla Fashion Fever Wave V 27084 29738
Pale magneta fur coat with a silvery-pink snakeskin cinch belt; lilac ankle boots; silver bead and amethyst necklace. $15.00

Raquelle Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44747
Black sequined midriff top; black denim mini skirt; black knee boots; black iridescent cloth handbag. $10.00

Teresa Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits 27084 19171
Pink floral on white top; fuchsia net topped skirt; white cuffed knee boots; translucent pink messenger bag. $30.00

Ken Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44748 K8411 K8421
Light gray pullover with pink-multi graphic; black messenger bag; distressed blue jeans; russet flat shoes. $15.00

Kurt Fashion Fever Wave S Modern Trends Collection 27084 29707 H0644 J1331
Olive-beige multi print long sleeved shirt; distressed black jeans; black boots; neck ornament. $15.00

Drew Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits 27084 19170
Yellow-green top; pink floral skirt; black oversized mailbag w. silver straps; black-gray watch; green cuffs; huge platform pink-white-red boots; silver bead necklace w. aqua teddy bear head. $30.00

Drew Fashion Fever Wave C 27084 20899
Fuchsia short sleeved cotton jacket; pink-white floral patterned top; pink satin knickers; pink topped, cream platform sandals; pink floral bento box. $10.00

Any questions, please ask. Thanks for viewing.


Anonymous said...

Hello, how can I contact with you? have you still the Fashion Fevers to sell? I'm in Spain


D7ana said...

Hi Silvia H from Spain.

Yes, I still have most of the Fashion Fever dolls shown. Please contact me at d7ana at to discuss which ones. I ship to Spain so that would not be a problem.

Let's talk dolls ;-D

Anonymous said...

Hi my ñame is Trinitee and i would like to by some dollls from you. Can you call my grandpa 267-205-9528 or you can give me your number so we can call you and we live in Philadelphia Thankyou have a nice day.

D7ana said...

Hello and glad to hear from a Philadelphia collector ;-)

Some of my dolls are still in storage, but if you let me know which dolls you want, I can let you know if I still have them and check to see which storage site they are at. Moved a few months ago and still checking ;-P Ugh, moving woes.