Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FS: Vintage and Mod Items on eBay, Part 1

Additional photos of some things I am selling on eBay:

These fashions will be sold with Ken, Midge, PJ, and Francie mixed lot. Note: these are all used fashions.

The tan felt jacket is from 1969, #1429 Rally Gear for Ken. It has a pinprick hole in the back. The light blue jacket has a pink spot (bleach reaction?) on the back of the right sleeve. Francie's #1289 Note the Coat, white coat has a brown spot on the lining. The Francie hot pink w. yellow stripes swimsuit has been stretched. The Talking Julia jumpsuit has a tiny hole in it.

Next row, Julia's #1751 Leather Weather coat is very stiff. Next to it is a red vinyl bag that appeared with various outfits. Then there is the original Twiggy outfit - yellow mod boots and a color blocked knit dress. The dress has a tiny hole on it, too. Then we have #1459 Barbie's Great Coat; on the back of the yellow "leather" coat there is a small gray blemish on the back. Finally, the green jacket is part of #1512 Pretty Power, a Sears Exclusive Francie gift set.

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