Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing Playscale "William" for Downton Abbey Fans

Any Downton Abbey fans present?

I confess, I watch it Sunday evenings, but I don't web crawl for updates about it. I enjoy it although it is not, say, Dr. Who. (Nor is it the best organized program I have ever seen.) It does have some elements I like: British accents, countryside views, period dress, and my Beau.

Excuse me? D7ana is dating an actor from Downton Abbey?

No. Not at all.

One of the Downton Abbey characters, William the footman, looks like my Handsome Beau doll bought from Standard Doll Company sometime in the late 1970s or the early 1980s. Here are two photos of Beau:

"Handsome Beau" stands 11.5" tall. On the back of his head below his hair, are two embossed lines: the top reads "19©G3", the second line reads "GRANT PLASTICS." He has no other marks on his body.

Well, Downton Abbey will be on soon so I'm going to finish this post now with this question: do you watch any series that you recreate in your play scale world?


smidge girl said...

LOL! Nice call. All he needs is a fancy silver serving tray.

I guess it's official now. Everyone on the planet watches Downtown Abbey but me. Guess I'll have to jump on board & see what all the fuss is about, lol.

I always love seeing the unique dolls in your collection! :)

Heather said...

Haha!!!! He does look like William!!!!
Poor William... he just wants to be loved... *sigh*

.... how far are you in the series?
Have you seen all of Season 2 and the Christmas special yet?

D7ana said...

Yes, SG, that's all he needs. Oh and the livery. Dude does need clothes, lol. I wanted people to see his composition.

If you do watch DA, I suggest setting aside critical thinking. They squash time similar to the way soap operas do. One minute the former maid is pregnant, the next minute she's got this well-fed, over-sized baby. I like some of the characters so I also overlook the sometimes "modern" stance that some of the characters take that I think is more "today" than it would have been then. Shrug.

Glad you enjoy seeing my dolls - I love showing them off ;-D

Hi Heather! Yes, doesn't he? I mean, I bought Beau for a dollar; he was a "gag" from me to me. Then this actual person walks in my tv and lo! Beau. I am in Season 2, ep 4/5.

Xmas Special? Noooooo! Feeling cheated. LOL

Marta said...

Hello from spain: In Spain also issued a series of time `Downton Abbey'. It has many followers. The clothes and the situations are well recreated. You are right that William looks like your doll. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

I watch DA whenever I remember that it is on. I just love seeing the period settings, and the clothes. For me I treat each show that I see, as a separate show. I now have to go take a look and see William again. I am drawing a blank. The only show that I have contemplated using some of the characters is Grey's Anatomy. My Patrick Dempsey doll is Dr. Patrick Sheppard and his wife's name is Meredith.

D7ana said...

Hi Marta! So Downton Abbey has reached Spain, too. Cool. Spain is closer to Great Britain than the U.S.A. so I am not surprised that you are able to see it.

Hi Vanessa! Ah so you like an occasional "period piece," too? I usually prefer or have preferred the Victorian over the Edwardian, except for Flambards. Funny, my sister liked "Upstairs Downstairs," but I didn't. Don't know why DA caught my attention and my time. Shrug. But it did and does.

William is the second footman so he's not one of the major characters. (Why you might draw a blank about him ;-) I found a good link about him - with a photo of the actor here.

Vanessa said...

Oh yes, I know him well. Thanks for the link. I am constantly watching period pieces. Netflix tends to spoil you. When you can watch a whole series in one setting, that whole waiting til next week to see a show just doesn't really work.

D7ana said...

@Vanessa ... oh, I don't have Netflix or cable or anything but basic network tv. Shrug. Usually I don't miss the extra stuff.

Now I see that I could miss it. Sniff. Wahhhh! I wanna see the whole series in one swoop.

There. Got my day's whine in really early. Pfft. Tired now, lol.

pattidolls said...

I heard Shirley Maclaine will be on next season as Lady Grantham's mother! I wonder if she'll be dressed as a flapper or suffragette?

D7ana said...

Hi Pattidolls! I'd guess as a suffragette ... Oh and Lady Grantham is American, so I wonder how the Shirley Maclaine's character will act. How will she and Lord Grantham's mother get along? Guess I am lined up for Season 3, too.

Okay, so I probably will do more DA searching than I had thought.

Karen said...

He does look like William. That's hysterical. Now you need to find Daisy so he can be happy. I must admit I'm one of the Downton Abbey addicts looking for Downton Abbey inspired distractions for a fix, while I wait for season 3. Check out my website, I found some Downton Abbey dollhouse rooms., that I think you will enjoy.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Karen! I will view your site.